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Melanie Chisholm

Are Little Mix the new Spice Girls?

little mix

Little Mix have become massively popular over there in the US, which is amazing – I remember them when they were randomly thrown together during the bootcamp stage on The X Factor UK several years ago, and they’ve grown to become an amazing girl group. I love them! I would’ve bought tickets to see them if I thought anyone else in the audience would be over the age of 12!

Well, Mel C – that’s Sporty Spice, in case you forgot – is also a fan. She appeared in the group’s new video for ‘Word Up!’ and thinks that Little Mix is the closest thing this generation is going to get to their own Spice Girls.

From BANG Showbiz

“It was great filming with them, they are such fun girls. I think they’re the closest thing to the Spice Girls.”

I agree! We’re not really much for girl groups over here in the States (they desperately wanted The Saturdays to happen, but they will NEVER happen), so it’s nice to see Little Mix doing so well.

What do you think? Like Little Mix? Hate ‘em? (HOW DARE YOU!)

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The Spice Girls All Made Out With Each Other, If You Were Wondering

spice girls

Mel B was asked – for some odd reason – if she’s “attracted” to her Spice Girls bandmates on the Howard Stern Show (oh wait, I see why now!), Mel actually said yes and revealed that she’d made out with every last one of them… to test out her tongue ring. Surprise! She also apparently SLEPT with a few of them! :-o

Here’s what she said when questioned if she ever fancied any of them (via DS):

“Always. They’re my homies. I kissed all of them, yes. I got my tongue pierced and I wanted to try out my tongue piercing and so I kissed them all.”

When asked if she had ever got into bed with any of the girls, she replied: “Back in the day I had fun.”

Okay, so let’s dissect this one. Out of the four other girls in the band, I think Mel B and Geri definitely had a fling because Geri just seems like she’d like a bit of lady on the side. Victoria is way too uptight to even consider going lesbo even once, so I don’t think that happened. Mel C has been in the closet for decades, so I can definitely see that having happened. Emma? I’m not sure, actually. Hmm… maybe if they were drunk?

What do you guys think? Who hooked up with whom?

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Spice Girls Musical Shut Down (There Was A Spice Girls Musical?)

spice girls musical viva forever

Viva Forever, a musical based on the works of the Spice Girls in London’s West End, was cancelled. Judging by that photo it looks like it was basically just a group of women dressed as Spice Girls singing Spice Girls songs, and it probably was, but now I’LL NEVER KNOW. It opened only last December. Mamma Mia it is not.

Emma Bunton/Baby Spice tweeted (via EOnline), “I am totally gutted that our wonderful show @vivaforever is coming to an end. Thank you to all our amazing fans for your constant support!”

Geri Halliwell/Ginger managed to put her truth or dare game with Mel B/Scary on hold to tweet “We love u all @vivaforever @emmabunton @MelanieCmusic @OfficialMelB @victoriabeckham #what a shocka , gutted .x”

Mel C/Sporty tweeted “Absolutely devastated our wonderful show is closing. Thank you to our brilliant cast and everybody who made the show so incredible.” that Mel B retweeted.

Victoria Beckham/Posh tweeted nothing because she’s Victoria Beckham. Or because she’s ~~too busy being a working mum~~.

All this tweeting makes me realize even more that journalists can quite easily become obsolete. No one releases real statements anymore. Unless it’s an “I was drunk and I’m sorry” statement that needs more than 140 characters.

In conclusion, slam your body down a-zig-ah-zag-ah. (What’s YOUR favorite Spice song?)

Which Two Spice Girls Once Had A Fistfight?

A photo of the Spice Girls

Definitely Victoria, right? Somebody spilled something on one of her little Gucci dresses back in the day and she tried to claw a girl’s eyes out. Ooh, or maybe it was Ginger Spice. She always was the fiery one, you know? Or it could be Scary Spice. You know, because of “scary.”

But who was it really? Which two of our darling Spice Girls once got so angry at each other that they resorted to throwing punches? Any combination is hard to imagine, of course, but since it did happen, can you guess which girls were involved?

Bitches on the left!

Yes, the two Mels, Mel B and Mel C, got super drunk one time and had a brawl. Oh, but Geri got punched in the face for being a sweetheart and trying to stop the violence. Here, let’s just let Sporty Spice herself tell us what happened:

“Me and Melanie had a fight once. We were too drunk. We got a bit pushy, shovey and Geri stepped in the middle to break it up and ended up getting punched in the face. Then Melanie went off to be sick, and because she’d been drinking too much port she accused me of making her bleed!”

Is this weird for anyone else? I don’t know, I guess the Spice Girls were such a huge part of my childhood that they’re always going to be what I thought they were when I was 10. I always imagined that they toured around, braiding each other’s hair and having fun, PG adventures and singing constantly. Basically, I thought that Spice World was real life, and even now that I read about Victoria Beckham’s bitchface and Geri Halliwell’s nipples for a living, that’s how they’re always going to be in my head.

Ugh, between this, Eva Mendes proposing to Ryan Gosling, and Kim Kardashian actually looking cute, how else is my Monday going to fall apart?

Mel C Just Ruined 2012

Do you remember those rumors about a Spice Girls reunion? Mel B hinted that the most glorious girl group of all time might get back together to perform at the Queen’s Jubilee concert, and the preteen girl inside all of our hearts began crying hysterically and hyperventilating and hooking up the VCR to watch Spice World. It was a beautiful time in our lives, wasn’t it?

Well, it’s not so beautiful anymore, because Melanie “Sporty Spice” Chisholm has taken it upon herself to pull down her stupid athletic pants and shit all over our hopes and dreams. Or, more specifically, to explain that there’s no reunion in the works:

No matter how much Geri and Mel tweet/ hint about it, it’s not happening because Mel C said so this morning on Lorraine.

“It’s such an incredible opportunity and what a wonderful thing to be able to do,” Mel said to a lady who wasn’t Lorraine, because Lorraine’s off on her holidays somewhere.

“And the concert looks like it’s going to be out of this world, but unfortunately – bad news for any Spice Girls fans – we don’t plan to perform or reform. So I’m sorry to disappoint anybody.”

Mel carried on talking about it, probably because she knows it’s the best way for her to promote the tour she’s just about to go on, but hey – we’d probably do the same. If, you know, we were a Spice Girl.

“We often have things that we talk about,” said Mel. “It was rumoured a lot about the Olympics and then of course the whole Diamond Jubilee thing came up. And it was something that we discussed, so it was in discussion, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen.”

“We have to respect each other’s wishes,” said Mel. “And we reformed in 2007 and we had an amazing time. The show was incredible and that kind of feels like our final farewell. And it would be such a great thing to perform for, but sadly not.”

Whatever, Mel C was always my least favorite anyway, so it would make sense that she would be the one to do this to me. I wish she would just stop doing her awful solo music and stop talking (reasonable and well-deserved) trash about Rihanna and realize that if she truly wants to make people happy, if she wants to reach out to the world with her gift of song, there is only one way for her to do that. And that is in a sports bra with four other broads singing about nonsense.

Really though, and this is what everyone who is talking about this is saying, I bet the issue is Victoria Beckham. She’s by far the most successful Spice Girl, plus she has four young children to look after, so I guess it makes sense that she’s not itching to put on that little Gucci dress and hop back on stage with the other ladies. Still, that doesn’t make this hurt any less, does it?