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Matilda Ledger

Let’s Check in on the Ledger-Williams-Segel Family, Shall We?

photo of matilda ledger and jason segel pictures
Aren’t these guys just the cutest? And if we can talk about Matilda for a second, OMG. Is she not the perfect hybrid of the late Heath Ledger and her mom, Michelle Williams? She is just adorable, and she’s going to be a knockout when she gets older, you mark my words.

Also, yes, I know that they’re not technically—or even theoretically, at this point—a family right now, but guys. It’s on its way. Jason is hanging out with Matilda on the regular (alone, too; these photos were taken post-breakfast date in New York City, presumably while Michelle worked on a project), and Michelle is letting this happen. Michelle, who is notoriously private and protective over her personal life and loved ones. This is a big step forward, guys, and you can quote me on this: I’ll bet Michelle and Jason will be engaged within the year. It’s just going to happen, and that’s all there is to it.

Let’s Talk About Michelle Williams For A Minute

A photo of Michelle Williams

Really, I want to talk about Michelle Williams‘ daughter, Matilda, for a minute, but I guess we can talk about Michele specifically for a minute too, if you’d like. But save it, ok? I really want to talk about Matilda right now.

She looks so much like her father, doesn’t she? I feel like you could find some pictures of Heath Ledger as a child, sketch in some longer hair, and you could have little Matilda here. Consider my mind blown, friends, and also, consider me a little sad. Could you even imagine how adorable it would be to see Heath Ledger today, playing with his tiny little lookalike, having a ball? Ugh. Pardon me for being entirely too obvious, but death sucks, huh?

To lighten up the mood a little bit, let’s discuss the fashion of a six-year-old, all right? What happened to her awesome red pants after Michelle picked her up? Where do you think I can find a sweater like hers? Is it weird that I’m coveting a six-year-old’s sweater? Let’s talk about the issues!

Matilda Ledger Turns Four

Matilda's 4th Birthday

Matilda Ledger, daughter of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, went walking with her mommy in Brooklyn yesterday as she celebrated her fourth birthday with breakfast in a coffee shop and a long morning stroll. It’s shocking to see how much Matilda has grown since her father’s passing.