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Mackenzie Rosman

The Annoying Little Girl From 7th Heaven Is All Grown Up And In Maxim

Mackenzie Rosman 7th heaven maxim

Ruthie, the youngest of the 7th Heaven brood, was easily the most annoying out of all of them. Goddamn Ruthie was the worst. Anyway her name is Mackenzie Rosman and she’s 23 now and in her underwear in Maxim. Because that’s pretty much where you go when you’ve got nothing left. Way back when she was shooting, she tweeted,

I caved… Just wrapped a #Maxim photoshoot

I know she meant it as a joke, but man, that tweet makes me kind of sad. The whole shoot makes me slightly sad.

mackenzie rosman 7th heaven maxim shoot

J/K, f-ck off Ruthie.

I kid, I kid, I got nothing against her. More pics below. Weird how in some photos they photoshopped her abs to hell and in others they didn’t.