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photo of jon hamm pictures
They’re still making ‘Star Trek’ movies, and no, I don’t know why either. [The Superficial]

Jon Hamm is freeballing again. [Lainey Gossip]

Kate Middleton is feeling much better, thank you very much. [Starpulse]

Channing Tatum is taking a break from acting, because really, how can you top being People’s Sexiest Man Alive? [Splash]

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are living together. IN SIN. [INFDaily]

Justin Bieber was SNUBBED. Thank you God. [Huff Po]

Jessica Biel wants Justin Timberlake to stay far, far away from Scarlett Johansson. [CDL]

What celebrity couple nearly lost their adopted baby? [I’m Not Obsessed]

Kanye wants to take Khloe under his wings. [Celebslam]

Kim Kardashian wants her pregnancy to match Kate Middleton’s. [Bohomoth]

Courtney Stodden is a blow-up doll now. [Celebrity Rant]

Kristen Stewart doesn’t need to be rescued, dude. [Cele|bitchy]

Mariah Carey’s got a Christmas list because of course she does. [Lainey Gossip]

When Teen Moms marry. [The Superficial]

Jennifer Aniston’s probably pregnant, too. [Hollywood Backwash]

Kate Upton’s sick tits. [IDLYITW]

Young, beautiful, and British. [theBERRY]

Keeley Hazell’s last FHM spread. [G Celeb]

Matt Damon makes a tossed salad joke. [Celebzter]

Angelina Jolie is retiring. [Hollywood PQ]


photo of mariah carey christmas pictures
Mariah Carey’s very x-rated Christmas. Or something. [Lainey Gossip]

Oh man. The faces don’t even look right anymore. [The Superficial]

This is not a good look for you, Rose McGowan. [Starpulse]

John Waters will take your used dildos, thank you. [OMGBlog]

Billy Bob really wants to go to Angelina’s wedding. [TMZ]

Paul Walker cuddles a puppy. [Socialite Life]

Snooki has advice for Kate Middleton. [The Superficial]

Ryan Gosling, presenter? [Lainey Gossip]

It’s because he’s a dick, right? A dick? [Elite Daily]

Shots fired? Meek Mill? Rita Ora? [Bossip]

Exclusive Victoria’s Secret photos. [Moe Jackson]

A ‘Buffy’ reunion! [Huff Po]

Train and Marilou have a song together. [Hollywood PQ]

Jessica Simpson’s mom is hitting the bottle. [Yeeeah]

Kate Upton makes great videos. [IDLYITW]

Nicole Richie’s style. [theBERRY]

Ashley Mattingly kisses ladies on the lips now. [Celebslam]

You too can go to dinner with Ryan Lochte. [The Frisky]

Australian DJs get private details from Kate Middleton’s hospital while pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. [Celebzter]


photo of rihanna pictures
Rihanna using Chris Brown’s penis as a straw. [The Superficial]

Prince Harry is glowing. [Lainey Gossip]

Is Lea Michele pregnant? [Splash]

Jessica Chastain goes nude. [Starpulse]

Gabriel Aubry started the fire. [TMZ]

Lindsay Lohan vs. Amanda Bynes—who’s going to get the TV show? [The Blemish]

P!nk’s skinny, skinny new look. [I’m Not Obsessed]

GQ toplessness. [G Celeb]

Nia slams a guy for having a small penis. [Bossip]

Harry Styles’ walk of shame. [Amy Grindhouse]

Ashton Kutcher is a dead ringer for Steve Jobs. [IDLYITW]

Katt Williams retires after slapping a Target employee. And other things. [Popbytes]

LeAnn Rimes is endangering Brandi Glanville’s kids. [Cele|bitchy]

Is Kate Middleton going to have twins? [Bohomoth]

A cat running on a treadmill is the best thing I’ve seen all day. [Socialite Life]

Rihanna’s joining a band. [Hollywood PQ]

How much PSY made on those ‘Gangnam Style’ YouTube videos. [Huff Po]

When stars’ makeup artists take the day off (the results can be kind of scary). [theBERRY]

Hugh Jackman is ever-hot. [Lainey Gossip]

But why did you have that stroke, Frankie Muniz? [The Superficial]


photo of kate upton pictures bra pic
Kate Upton in a bikini (video, bikini video) will make it all better. [The Superficial]

Kristen Chenoweth is dating Jake Pavelka. No, I don’t know why either. [Bitten and Bound]

Frankie Muniz just had a stroke. [Starpulse]

You can see Yoko Ono’s bum. [OMGBlog]

Ryan Gosling’s hideous sweater. And hat. The matching hat. [Socialite Life]

Emma Roberts doesn’t get how cameras work. [Celebslam]

Lindsay’s been garnished. [Yeeeah]

Rob Kardashian calls Rita a ho. [The Blemish]

Solange Knowles knows fashion. [The Frisky]

Kate Bosworth is really trying for this career comeback. [Cele|bitchy]

Ashton Kutcher as Ashton Kutcher. Cool. [IDLYITW]

Wendy Williams takes it all off. [Celebrity VIP Lounge]

Diane Kruger ran into Katie Holmes. Bet that was awkward. [Moe Jackson]

Oh Chris Brown is ever-cool. [Bossip]

New ‘Man of Steel’ poster. [Elite Daily]

Taylor Swift takes an eighteen-year-old boy back to her hotel. [Hollywood PQ]

Probably the most unflattering Ke$ha photo ever. [The Superficial]


photo of gerard butler pictures
LIKE US on Facebook to win a buttload of holiday cash. Go, now! [Facebook]

Following us on Twitter wouldn’t hurt, either. [Twitter]

Gerard Butler the Photobomber. [The Superficial]

PHOTOS: Megan Fox has gone from hot to scary all in one fell swoop. [Lainey Gossip]

TRAVEL PORN. [The Frisky]

Chris Brown smokes three blunts because he’s hardcore. [TMZ]

Possible baby names for the Royal Baby. [Starpulse]

Wait. This is Hugh Jackman’s wife? [Splash]

A dreaming English Bulldog. That’s about it. [Socialite Life]

Taylor Swift wants Harry Styles to have her baby. [Yeeeah]

Beyonce shows off her fake baby bump in a documentary. [Amy Grindhouse]

Lena Gercke is showing her tatas. [G Celeb]

Rob Kardashian basically calls Rita Ora a ho. [Hollywood PQ]

Blind Item: who has marital herpes? [I’m Not Obsessed]

Miranda Kerr and Leonardo DiCaprio have become “close friends” in the absence of Orlando Bloom. [Celebzter]

I don’t think a pregnant lady’s knees should look like this. [IDLYITW]

Angelina Jolie is going to give up acting because of Brad Pitt’s “Momma” comment. [Cele|bitchy]

Amber Heard is dying for Johnny Depp’s love. [Bohomoth]

Cake fail funnies. [theBERRY]

‘Homeland’ impossibilities. [Lainey Gossip]

How Olivier Martinez destroyed Gabriel Aubry’s face. [The Superficial]


photo of rihanna pictures
Rihanna’s underwear is important, guys. [The Superficial]

David Estes has bad grammar. [Lainey Gossip]

Octomom’s been nominated to win for her porno. [Starpulse]

Feeling awkward yet, are we? [theBERRY]

The boys of One Direction grabbing asses and crotches. [Socialite Life]

Kate Middleton’s royal morning sickness. [TMZ]

10 Ladies in loafers. [The Frisky]

Adam Levine thinks Honey Boo Boo is the worst thing that’s ever happened. [Cele|bitchy]

Taylor Swift debuts the new relationship. [Yeeeah]

Batman’s voting for Batman. [Huff Po]

Heidi Klum poses with Santa Claus. [Bitten and Bound]

Joel Dommett is naked. [OMGBlog]

Horny is unlocked. [G Celeb]

Taylor Swift did Jingle Bell. [IDLYITW]

Plant a garden in a keyboard. [College Poison]

Kate Upton does the nude thing. [Elite Daily]


photo of kanye west pictures
KANYE IS FASHION. [The Superficial]

Robert Downey Jr. and Jodie Foster? [Lainey Gossip]

Kat Williams keeps slapping people. [Yeeeah]

Oh yeah, Katy Perry’s a real hero. [Starpulse]

Girl or boy? [theBERRY]

Heidi Klum missed the holiday memo. [Cele|bitchy]

LeAnn Rimes is all about the stolen family. [Amy Grindhouse]

Reese Witherspoon’s new BFF. [The Frisky]

Jessica Alba’s London fashion. [Splash]

Boo Boo Stewart strips. [Socialite Life]

Minnie Driver and David Duchovny are doing it. [Celebslam]

Dr. Dre is the highest-paid. What? [The Blemish]

Kim Kardashian made police fire tear gas on people. [IDLYITW]

Mila Kunis and James Franco party together. Weird? [I’m Not Obsessed]

Carly Rae Jepsen: hot or not? [Hollywood Dame]

Trey Songz had nothing to do with that murder-suicide. [Bossip]

Gerard Butler is stalking David Beckham. [Bohomoth]

Maybe I should start watching ‘The Walking Dead’. [Lainey Gossip]

Just in case Ke$ha never grossed you out before. [The Superficial]