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One Direction Liam Payne wants to bring McDonald’s to the children of Ghana

liam payne

One Direction‘s talent lies in… I dunno, getting on planes and turning up to stadiums full of screaming pre-teens who love them just because they exist and are moderately attractive. Oh, and I guess they have a couple catchy songs. In any case, it’s pretty safe to say that the group’s talent does NOT lie in being particularly smart. I mean, sure, Liam Payne probably meant well by the rant he shared with Twitter about the state of world affairs, but the execution left a bit (okay, a LOT) to be desired.

liam payne

I mean, guys, this is serious. The people of Ghana can’t even get a McDonald’s! This is terrible.

In all seriousness, though, I do get what Liam is going for here, and I do think he means well – he’s trying to say that there’s a massive imbalance between rich and poor in this world and it’s troubling to see (though I would also like to see how much of his millions he donates to causes that help alleviate this rather than just tweeting about it). However, 1D fans are dumb, so watch them all go out and try to buy McDonald’s gift cards to send to Africa or something. You think I’m being sarcastic, but… nope.

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One Direction’s Liam Payne Loves ‘Duck Dynasty’, Swears He’s Not Homophobic

duck dynasty liam payne

Duck Dynasty certainly hasn’t suffered in the ratings, as America’s rednecks have come together to watch the show in record numbers since the whole “anal sex is nasty” debacle involving Phil Robertson. In case you forgot, he started spewing racist and anti-gay bullshit, A&E suspended him, the whole family threatened to quit and, scared of losing out on a massive amount of revenue, A&E backed down and let the show go on as normal, which seems to have worked out well for everyone… and by everyone I mean big corporations and bigots. USA, USA!

In any case, randomly, One Direction‘s Liam Payne was stoked to hear that the show would stay on air and sent the Duck Dynasty guys a wonderful tweet of support about what a big fan he is and how much “prosperity” he wishes for the family, whose ideals are apparently totally in line with his own:

Unsurprisingly, some people weren’t so happy about Liam supporting an openly homophobic and racist family who is making tons of money off their ignorance, so they called him out for it. Now LIAM isn’t happy that people are getting on his case and he’s “clarified” his initial comments (read from the bottom up):

liam 2


Can we just not with this? I doubt Liam is homophobic given the fact that probably half his band is gay. LOL, I kid (OR DO I?!). Clearly he’s backtracking here since he went on about appreciating their “values” as a family – he’s not that fucking stupid. A family is in the news for being bigots of the highest degree and you tweet them praising their “values”, but you don’t support those values? Give me a break. Nice try, Liam. Maybe stick to singing your cutesy songs.

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One Direction’s Liam Wants To Save You From Snakes

liam payne

Ever the gentleman, One Direction‘s least attractive member (I mean, relatively speaking considering all of them look like 12-year-old boys) and the resident Gary Barlow of the group (as in, he’s apparently the most “sensible” and “mature”) Liam Payne has tried to save fans from snakes! Literal snakes! You see, One Direction is over in Australia right now – Adelaide to be particular – and fans will do anything to get close to them… including risk getting bitten by poisonous snakes in a habitat behind the hotel where they’re staying.

Well, that’s sweet. And idiot teenagers, please get out of the snake habitat. We know you’re fucking crazy, but come on.

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Oh, Isn’t That Sweet: Liam Payne Is “Flamboyant” in the New One Direction Video

Nothing better than when “straight” guys (I have to put it in quotes here, though it applies without the quotes, too) pretend to be flamboyantly gay just for fun! I mean, what’s not hilarious about making fun of effeminate homosexual men? It’s so funny!! Except it’s not, but that hasn’t stopped One Direction from casting one of its members, Liam Payne, as exactly that in their new video for ‘Best Song Ever’. Ughghghghghhghg.

Liam’s character is called Leeroy and he wears a pink sweatshirt and matching headband and says bullshit like, “Ooh, I love your blouse. It goes great with your eyes.” Can someone punch him and then the rest of his bandmates and then the producer of this video, their management and whoever greenlighted this stupid bullshit?
Sure, it’s “all in fun”… when you’re a straight dude who’s never been bullied for his sexuality (or a gay dude who beards with a girlfriend in order to escape the discrimination you’re taking part in yourself…). Sorry, I can’t get down with this.

The teaser of the video is above – the full thing will be released July 22, in time for their stupid 3D movie, This Is Us.

One Direction Fans Want to Kill Liam Payne’s Puppy

liam payne danielle peazer

In the latest episode of “Teenage Girls Are Batshit Crazy“, some One Direction fans aren’t too keen on the fact that Liam Payne has a new girlfriend in Danielle Peazer, is happy with her and that the pair have got a new puppy together. They’re so pissed off about it, in fact, that they’re threatening to kill the dog as a form of… revenge? Idiocy? Insanity? All three?

Liam announced the dog’s arrival on his Twitter page on Sunday, which immediately set off an angry slew of messages from One Direction fans that are nearly too nuts to share (via DigitalSpy):

“The dog is not going to see tomorrow if i can help it,” one wrote. “U were supposed to come back for me liam.”

A small number attempted to get the hashtag #dieloki trending, while two more openly debated killing the dog with either a gun or a knife.

The revelation of the fans’ behavior has prompted outrage online, with a Twitter user asking: “Where are their parents and do they know they’ve raised little psychopaths?”

Wow, that’s… special.