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Leann Rimes

3Of Course There’s a Photo From LeAnn and Eddie’s Vow Renewal Ceremony

photo of leann and eddie cibrian pictures photos
Did you guys know that these two asshats renewed their wedding vows on their one-year anniversary? Because they did. And while it might be cute for another couple to do it on their one-year anniversary (say, a couple like Michelle Williams and Jason Segel), it’s not all that cute, because we’re talking about Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes here. The thing is, this was one of LeAnn’s TwitPics. Do you know what kind of TwitPics girlfriend normally sends out? Because it’s these. It’s always these, with Eddie and kissy-faces and LURVE and big teeth … I could go on and on, really.

I don’t know. I just can’t look at this anymore. I’m going to head over to our friends at Celebslam, where they’ve compiled the Hottest Twitpics of April. I will park myself there for the remainder of the evening. At least there I can look at people like Miranda Kerr. And you should, too.

May 2, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah

7LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Renewed Their Vows

A photo of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

I should have known that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian would be the kind of couple to renew their vows every single year. I guess I just didn’t think about it, because of course LeAnn would want the extra attention. I believe she was fond of renewing her vows with her old husband, Dean Sheremet, as well, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy renewing her vows with the husband she takes after Eddie, too. She’s a romantic!

From E! Online:

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrianare still celebrating their first wedding anniversary…one week later.

The duo, who commemorated their first official year together as husband and wife with a weekend getaway to Calabasas, Calif., last week, continued the festivities Friday when they said their I-dos once more.

“Renewed our vows today….it’s incredible to thank each other for the past year as husband and wife,” Rimes tweeted Friday. “Here’s to another great year!”

The couple, who wed April 22 of last year, spent more time relaxing near the ocean this weekend, with Rimes tweeting Thursday, “CHILLING….listening to Radiohead and enjoying the view…man and beach :).”

Saturday, the Twitter-loving country singer shared more details with followers, writing, “Eddie and I went climbing on the rocks in the ocean yesterday to see the thousands of crabs. I did not realize til now just how dab I kicked a rock with two of my toes…OUCH.”

Prior to Rimes and Cibrian’s vow renewal, the couple surprised each other with anniversary gifts, with Rimes gifting Cibrian with a new watch, and Cibrian surprising his wife with a huge ring.

That huge ring, by the way:

A photo of LeAnn Rimes


But this is kind of sweet, right? Maybe a little? I think a couple renewing their wedding vows can be really sweet and special. Take Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, for instance, who renew their wedding vows every year (their last ceremony was on Friday too!). I think it’s clear that they truly love each other, and I think it’s lovely that they celebrate that every year. But then again, Heidi Klum and Seal were also known for doing the same thing, and look what happened to them. There always seems to be some suspicions about couples who feel the need to have a ceremony every single year, and I don’t know if I agree with that. However, I definitely wouldn’t bet on LeAnn and Eddie being in it for the long haul.

But what do you think?

April 29, 2012 at 7:00 am by Emily

6Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Goes Dark

photo of leann rimes pictures dark hair dye pictures photos pic
Objectively speaking, because I’m kind of hot-and-cold over LeAnn Rimes most times, I don’t like it. She looks way better as a blonde, and even if her “normal” sunny blonde isn’t natural, that’s OK. Sometimes you just don’t look good the way God intended, and change is necessary. In this case, LeAnn does not wear brunette well. It makes her look terribly average, and while that’d be good for anyone else, you know how LeAnn hates to be anything even CLOSE to average, and she tries and tries and tries to overcome that obstacle by her constant displays of public bikini, girl-on-girl action for her husband, and on-again, off-again Twitter feuds with her husband’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

So what’s she doing to distract us from the brunette mistake she apparently made? She’s going to write a tell-all book about her cheating heart, marrying Squints McShrinknuts out from underneath his wife, and surviving the fallout thereafter! From E!:

… A publishing source tells E! News that Rimes’ rep has been “putting out feelers” to find the right person to help write her autobiography and “tell LeAnn’s side of the story in her own voice.”

So will this be a juicy tell-all?

Maybe so. A publishing source says she “wants it to be a very honest book so she can speak directly to her fans and tell her side of the story. She’s been through a lot of changes over the past few years and this is her chance to speak candidly to her fans.”

Also planning to write a book is Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted last month that her story “has been a long time coming [and it's] about surviving divorce.”

Oh, so Brandi’s writing one, too. Or is LeAnn writing one in response to Brandi’s? Is that what’s going on here? Because if it is, I suppose it’s only par for the course, after all. Will you read the book? More importantly, how do you feel about the hot, dark brown mess atop her head?

April 7, 2012 at 11:00 am by Sarah
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9Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Makes More Questionable Decisions

photo of leann rimes pictures acm awards pics
The fashion, guys, the fashion. I didn’t mean that she was caught in some seedy bar sucking face with an unknown so hard that she needed to get new teeth. That was a few years ago, in case you forgot.

No, this is what LeAnn wore to the Academy of Country Music Awards, and I’m not sure if I should give her a chamois to sponge off or hand her a tennis racket. The fashion is bad, bad, bad, and no amount of Stella McCartney love is going to redeem that dress. None.

In other LeAnn news, sources are saying that LeAnn’s got a fetus growing somewhere in her mid-section (I say “somewhere,” because though I realize LeAnn probably has a womb somewhere, I’m thinking it’s not exactly in her body like most women’s are; it’s probably in a dusty drawer labeled ‘fat clothes’):

Just this week, speculation as to whether or not LeAnn Rimes was expecting a baby kicked into high gear thanks no doubt to the one-two media punch of hubby Eddie Cibrian’s artful and seemingly unnecessary dodging of a direct pregnancy question posed to him by a reporter, and the fact that it’s been a lifetime (at the very least, a week, which only seems like a lifetime) since LeAnn has dared to bare her bikini bod.

So, does she have something to hide? Like, say, a baby bump?

Time will tell. At the very least, LeAnn certainly has been wearing more clothing lately, both when locking lips with her lady friends and, more recently, when making her way through LAX’s security screening.

The country cutie and her hubby were both selected for the backscatter before taking off, and paparazzi, as they are wont to do, inevitably caught the duo making their way through the additional security measures (with any would-be baby bump—and if one exists, it’s miniscule—annoyingly blocked from view.

So, wait. I’m confused. What, exactly, made people think she’s got a bun in the oven? Because she’s wearing more clothes? Hate to say, anything can be considered “more clothes” when you’ve been photographed wearing nothing but skimpy string bikinis for three months. A damn scarf can be considered “more clothes,” you feel me? No, I just don’t believe that LeAnn’s pregnant. And I don’t believe it for two reasons: one, Eddie just wouldn’t be having that. Hell no. Two, if Eddie were OK with something other than his eensie-weensie wang occupying her body (say, like, a baby), you would have known about it via Twitter upon conception. That’s just how LeAnn rolls, guys.

But that dress, right? Ugh!

April 2, 2012 at 12:30 pm by Sarah
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10LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are Bringing a Third Party Into Their Relationship

photo of leann rimes making out with a girl lesbian pictures photos pics
Bwahahahah! What, you actually thought that I meant Eddie and LeAnn were going to have a baby? And ruin that fine-ass figure? Hell-to-the-no! Eddie wouldn’t touch that snatch with a ten-foot pole if it got all stretched out and gummy because some dumb fetus might have to pass through on its way out to the world. And a c-section? God, what’s worse? A ripped up birth canal, or having to look at a nasty scar each and every time you tried to get your rocks off? There’s just no good choices there.

No, the third party I’m talking about is LeAnn’s friend, Lizzy, who was being molested by LeAnn in all of these photos, much to the sheer enjoyment of Eddie and some dude.

And also, I checked LeAnn’s Twitter account today to see if she had made some kind of statement about how she doesn’t condone lesbianism and only has eyes for her douchebag husband, but I didn’t find anything. Actually, no, that’s not entirely correct – the only things I found were a bunch of auto-generated Virgo horoscopes and … and, well, she changed her handle to ‘LeAnn Rimes Cibrian’. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t follow LeAnn on Twitter (you can follow us too, you know), because I do, so I’m the first to admit that I had not yet seen that she changed her last name via addendum. LeAnn Rimes Cibrian? My goodness. Someone’s trying awfully hard, now, aren’t they? How long has this been going on, anyhow?

But back to the faux-lesbianism. Come on. Does she really think this is the ticket? Is poor LeAnn that deluded that she’s willing to do absolutely anything in her power to keep her ill-gotten gains? And is Eddie actually enjoying this? And if not, what more can LeAnn do to ensure that the fires of their marriage don’t peter out? Because nothing says, “I love you forever, baby” like stimulating your husband’s desire for girl-on-girl action once he starts getting bored with just you and your crap implants.


March 27, 2012 at 10:30 am by Sarah

3Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Really Knows How to Accentuate Her Best Features, Huh?

photo of leann rimes pictures photos 2012 weight loss pics
And naturally, I’m talking about her teeth and not her legs. Look at the way they just jump out at you from her profile! Lord! Because there’s no way that LeAnn‘d be thinking that her tiny, scrawny little chicken legs look, you know, attractive in those skin-tight jeans. I mean, honestly. Have you ever? No? Me either. That’s a horrible look for someone so slender. I’m not saying that she should be covering up those things in bolts and bolts of ungainly fabric or anything, but come on.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on her little legs too long here – I’ve got news! There’s big doings going on with LeAnn-girl, and it’s all got to do with Simon Cowell. What, you wonder, could Simon Cowell possibly have to do with LeAnn Rimes? Apparently Entertainment Weekly has the ‘exclusive’ scoop that LeAnn’s in talks to join the cast of the X-Factor, what with there being vacancies in the shape of Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. You could probably fit six LeAnns into each of those ladies, so I think Simon will be wanting to seek out another five or so judges if that’s how we’re choosing, but hey! It’s a job! LeAnn Rimes might be on television, and not in some crappy Lifetime movie! From EW:

Sources say Rimes is interested in joining the Fox reality hit, with one source adding that she’s met with Factor co-producer FremantleMedia North America about the gig.

X Factor chief Simon Cowell is seeking to fill the judges panel spots vacated by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger before the second season starts production later this year. Sources say he’ll most likely hire two female talents to join himself and music producer L.A. Reid for a gender-balanced panel.

Cowell has not made firm offers for the posts, while the list of candidates continue to shift and official outlets continue to decline comment. But Rimes could make sense on a few levels for X Factor. First, she would add country music expertise, like Blake Shelton provides for NBC’s The Voice. That could also boost the show’s ratings since country music award shows have been one of the few TV genres to have successfully grown their audience in recent years. Rimes also knows what it’s like to compete in a TV talent competition since she first gained national attention when she was eight years old by becoming a finalist on Star Search in 1991. Plus, Rimes’ personal life, marriage to Eddie Cibrian, and weight issues — while polarizing — have also drawn plenty of headlines, which would spur press coverage of the show.

Awesome or what? Is it OK that we let LeAnn slide on those skinny emaciation jeans then? Is being on real TV enough to make us forget all of LeAnn’s fashion transgressions?

March 7, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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