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Lauren Alaina

Scotty And Lauren from American Idol Sure Ruined Thanksgiving

A photo of Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery

Nah, I’m just joshing, these kids didn’t ruin Thanksgiving. Did you Americans enjoy a variety of meats and pies with your nearest and dearest? Did you watch any football games or parades? Did you have to sit next to your bitchy cousin and her douchebag husband until you just couldn’t take it anymore and had to make an escape to the balcony to hang out with the morbidly obese dog who desperately wanted back inside to steal some turkey? Yes? Then Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, the top two country sweethearts from this past season of American Idol, didn’t ruin Thanksgiving for anybody.

But man, they sure did try.

Here’s a video of Scotty performing at the Macy’s Day Parade, doing some mighty fine lip syncing:

And Lauren forgetting the words to that one song about America and some banner at the Lions vs. Packers game:

Kids today, right?

American Idol‘s Country Darlings Both Released Music Videos This Week!

You guys remember Scotty McCreery, that little country kid who won American Idol, and Lauren Alaina, that cute little first runner-up, right? If you don’t, you will now, because they’re out in the real world and they mean business.

If you look above, you can see Scotty’s very first single, “I Love You This Big.” If you look below, you can see Lauren’s very first single, “Like My Mother Does.” And if you look just a little below that, you can see the comment button, where we can all start discussing how completely insane it was that these two were the finalists and that the immensely talented Casey Abrams is now a spokesman for inflammatory bowel disease.