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Lara Flynn Boyle

What’s Up With Lara Flynn Boyle?

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Lara Flynn Boyle, of Twin Peaks and of wearing a tutu to the Golden Globes and dating Jack Nicholson and some other stuff that isn’t nearly as interesting, was seen out and about smoking cigarettes and looking…a little off, as Eonline pointed out.

I’m not making fun of her. To me it looks like maybe she’s not okay, like she’s ill with something. So I’m not ready to go on the, “plastic surgery!!!” witch hunt. When it’s bad, you can tell. When it’s good, you’re not even sure if anything has been done. When it’s atrocious, well, it’s Bruce Jenner.

Last year, around the same time, is when she started to look a little different, but not like this.

If someone elects to f-ck up their face, I’m not going to pity them. They are not victims. But sometimes, people have to undergo surgery for reasons that the public may not all be aware of. Which is why I don’t think it’s cool to make fun of Rose McGowan, as she was in a car accident that effed up her face and they did the best they could.

So I don’t know what’s up with Lara Flynn Boyle. I hope she’s okay. Check out the rest of the photos and decide for yourself.

Photos from Zimbio.

What the Hell Happened to Lara Flynn Boyle’s Face?

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No, really: what the hell happened to Lara Flynn Boyle‘s face? She used to be kind of cute, but now she just looks like some cheap Asian blowup doll you used to be able to buy at Spencer’s before they stopped selling that kind of stuff. Somebody clearly missed that boat.

But anyway, as you can see, this is Lara Flynn Boyle (kind of), who was photographed leaving a liquor store outside of L.A. yesterday. I guess the liquor could explain away the puffy jowls that she’s rocking like muttonchops, but the lips lip? Why just one? I mean, did she run out of money? Spent it all on Franzia and Banker’s Club vodka, did she? Because that’s some serious mismatching right there, guys, and I can’t stress the importance of making your lower lip look at least 30% as large as your top lip if you’re going to do that kind of thing. It’s all about the ratio, but it seems to me that Lara never really got that message.

Looks like this is the kind of cosmetic procedure that good Men in Black 2 money can buy. Jealz yet?

Lara Flynn Boyle Wakes From Coma, Attends Party

Lara Flynn Boyle has “party-ready” down to a science.  Throw on a wrinkled suit jacket over a nightgown and you’re ready to go!  Who needs to be weighed down with unnecessary accessories such as shoes?  Not my LFB.  I’ve got a nice close up of her feet in the photo gallery for the fetishists.  Enjoy!

Lara Flynn Boyle at the 30th Anniversary Carousel of Hope Benefit last night at the Beverly Hills Hilton.  And I know I’m usually really tough on Nicole Richie but she looked beautiful!  Also, can I just say that Katharine McPhee has the best publicist that ever lived?  It amazes me all the red carpet events she still gets invites to.

Lara Flynn Boyle Sure is Thrifty

Not only does she save daily on the cost of food, Lara Flynn Boyle got married in San Antonio this weekend for a mere $36!

According to TMZ, Boyle wed businessman Donald Ray Thomas (who is utterly untraceable via Google, oddly, unless he is a North Carolina man who died tragically in a car accident in 2001 or a physician who sits on the Georgia state senate, neither of which keeps with TMZ’s description of him as a “businessman”) after paying the $36 for the license fee. No party, no fancy dress, no Jack Nicholson. They reportedly had a small ceremony in Thomas’s backyard following the wedding.