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Sky Ferreira Is A Terry Richardson Fan; Says He Isn’t To Blame For Lady Gaga Video


Terry Richardson is a disgusting human being, and that should be the end of it, but he’s got his supporters — one of them being singer Sky Ferreira, who backs Richardson and supports him. You may remember that Terry Richardson directed Lady Gaga’s now scrapped “Do What U Want” videowhich has been called “an ad for rape.” Ms. Ferreira says Mr. Richardson isn’t to blame for that, and goes on to sing his praises.

Via The Guardian:

As someone who has worked very closely with Terry Richardson on many many many occasions since I was 17 years old, I would like to say … from my OWN personal experience: I have never been forced or manipulated into anything.

I made a music video with him and I have never felt uncomfortable with Terry & had 99 percent of the creative control. This was before I was ‘famous’. Allegations are one thing but completely blaming the director isn’t fair aka the Lady Gaga video … The media acting as if Terry Richardson manipulated Lady Gaga into making a video about getting touched by R Kelly or whatever is a whole other thing. She is 28 year old woman & fully capable/aware of what she was doing.

I am NOT saying the women who have publicly spoken [about being harassed by Richardson] are at fault or wrong or lying. The media & the fucking peanut gallery/trolls on the internet can paint any picture they want of you. They never have the full details. They can manipulate & project an image/persona that benefits them … There are many reasons & FACTS why I support Terry Richardson that media (basically) refuses to acknowledge.

Well I don’t disagree with her on one thing — Lady Gaga is indeed a grown woman and should be held accountable. And if she says her experiences with Richardson weren’t creepy or weird, then we’ll have to take her word for it. Although it would be really helpful if she shared her “reasons & FACTS”.

I still think he’s gross.

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What is Lady Gaga wearing today, you ask?

lady gaga 9

Lady Gaga has been taking some time off in New York City recently to, I dunno, relax, spend time with friends and family, get more plastic surgery… the normal things you do between touring and hitting the promo circuit. Since she’s chilling in New York City, she never misses out on an opportunity to be papped as she’s leaving her apartment, walking around, coming back to her apartment, etc. And sometimes, the “fashion” choices caught on camera are downright special.

Check out the gallery of what she wore over the weekend. Some of it is better than others, but overall… girl, no.

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Lady Gaga’s weirdly rapey ‘Do What U Want’ video has thankfully been scrapped

lady gaga r kelly

I’m only vaguely shocked that Lady Gaga – someone who purports to be ingelligent, mindful and outspoken about equality and injustice in life thought it was a good idea to make her video for ‘Do What U Want’ – which features notorious (unconvicted) child molester R. Kelly, by the way – some big rape fest. So much so that the video has been scrapped, thank God. Oh, and did we mention that the vid was directed by Terry Richardson? #Feminism!

From Page Six:

The raunchy video starring Gaga and Kelly was directed by controversial photographer Terry Richardson and depicts racy scenes between the singers. Its release would have coincided with heated attention focused on scandals involving both Richardson and Kelly.

According to our source, Kelly plays a doctor in the video, with Gaga acting as his patient in scenes that riff on her real-life hip injury last year.

Gaga asks Kelly, “Will I ever be able to walk again?” The singer replies, “Yes, if you let me do whatever I want with your body.” The not-so-good doctor then adds, “I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant.” Alrighty, then!

A source told us, “Gaga had a video directed by an alleged sexual predator, starring another sexual predator. With the theme, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want with your body’? It was literally an ad for rape.” Reps for Gaga and Richardson didn’t comment. Kelly’s rep didn’t get back to us.

Wow. This is in such colossally bad taste that for once, I am actually rendered pretty speechless. I also find it pretty difficult to have serious discourse with/about someone whose head is obviously so far up her own ass that she can’t see the light of day. Whatever sexual fantasies you have, play them out in private – especially if they are potentially triggering/disrespectful to all of those who have been sexually assaulted/violated… and yes, there are millions. The thing is, this video didn’t just have ONE thing wrong with it. It had EVERYTHING wrong with it. I’ve always said that celebrities have no responsibility to be role models, and I don’t believe Gaga does, either. However, I do believe celebrities – and the rest of us – have a responsibility to be decent human beings. Big fail on this one.

Here’s a clip, if you can be bothered. If I have to see Gaga rolling around on a floor and masturbating one more time in my life, I swear to God…

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Photos: Lady Gaga on her way to perform at Frank Sinatra High School in NYC

lady gaga frank sinatra

Lady Gaga met up with her old pal Tony Bennett to perform a few songs at Frank Sinatra High School in New York City on Monday, and the outfit she chose to leave the house in was… interesting, to say the least. She’s still rocking that hot mess of a black wig, as well as the WAY overdrawn eyebrows. It’s certainly a whole lot of look, that’s for sure.

Here’s a clip of her performance. She also apparently gave a masterclass to students at the school, but oddly, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the audience here? I’m sure this is just soundcheck.

And here are some more photos of this delightful “outfit”, just because I know one can never be enough.

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Lady Gaga’s voice was stolen by a cartoon villain

lady gaga

Lady Gaga is currently on the ARTPOP tour and was due to perform in Seattle, Washington last night… but then Ursula, the cartoon villain from The Little Mermaid, came and stole her voice, meaning she had to cancel the show. In actuality, she apparently has bronchitis, but I guess she thought it was cute to bring Disney characters into it.

In any case, I suppose it’s comforting that she’s taking some time off to heal rather than going on stage and lip syncing just to get through it. She frowns on such things, so at least she’s staying true to her word!

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Lady Gaga got something right, for once

Lady Gaga Live at Roseland - Arrival - April 7, 2014

Lady Gaga rarely says anything that a) makes sense or b) that I agree with, but she has a point here. Even though it is a bit self-congratulatory, as all things are coming from her mouth, she said in a new interview with Extra that she always sings live and hates when artists don’t:

“I don’t think it’s cool to lip sync. I’m not judging if people do because it’s everybody’s own style of what they decided to be, the type of artist they will be, but I think if you pay money for a ticket to see a show the artist should fucking have some pipes and sing their records for you.”

Yeah, that’s true, but… frankly, lots of artists have layered vocals, and lots of artists have a lot of physical stuff to do (dancing, singing, climbing, etc) in which those layers help. And also, I’d rather listen to a slightly polished, recorded version of Britney Spears than her actual voice, for example. That’s just not good for anyone.

I do get the point of what she’s saying, though – there’s no reason an artist shouldn’t be singing live at their LIVE SHOWS. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it is really difficult to kill your voice like that night after night, so I have to give her credit for that.

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