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Kristen Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Are Having Another Baby

Exclusive... Kristin Cavallari Leaving A Hair Salon In Beverly Hills

I don’t really “get” Kristin Cavallari or what she does – I think she was on some MTV reality show or something. I’m being somewhat facetious, but why are we still talking about her, honestly? Well, instead of pontificating on unanswerable questions, let’s just report the news, which is that she and husband Jay Cutler are having another baby. Their first one was only born last year, but no time like the present, I suppose!

Here’s how she announced it on Instagram:

Thank you for all the love!! We are so excited for Camden to be a big brother!

Well, hurrah. Here’s how adorable their first baby is:


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The New Dancing With the Stars Cast Has Been Leaked. Yay?

photo of dancing with the stars 2011 pictures cast photos

I don’t know, guys. I was never really into Dancing With the Stars, and I was even more aghast when they asked Kate Gosselin to star on it for a season, so I’m sort of torn as to how I continuously feel about the show. I know it’s not going away anytime soon, and I’ve made my peace with that, but it seems like the execs over there at ABC are trying really, really hard to lure in the under-fifty crowd by including people like Bristol Palin, Kendra Wilkinson, and the majority of the new season’s cast. Who, you’re wondering? Try these names out for size:

Nancy Grace. Just when you thought her career wouldn’t extend past the Casey Anthony trial.

photo of nancy grace dancing with the stars cast pictures photos

Kristin Cavallari. Because she’s just been dumped by someone who wasn’t even good enough to be considered for the sportsman position on DWTS, I guess.

photo of kristin cavalarri pictures dancing with the stars pics

Ricki Lake. Why not? It’s not like she’s done anything recently except play poker or something.

photo of ricki lake pictures dancing with the stars photos pics

Chynna Phillips. Sure hope this one doesn’t lose the weight that most contestants do. SHE CAN’T AFFORD IT.

photo of chynna phillips dancing with the stars pictures photos

Hope Solo. This one’s going to be fun to watch. I saw an interview after all of the women’s soccer hubbub earlier this summer where she was asked about the possibility of joining the cast, and Hope claimed that, even though she’s mad athletic and coordinated on the field, she can’t dance for crap. I like this girl, so good times.

photo of soccer star hope solo on dancing with the stars pictures photos

Jump in for the rest of *the list:

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Kristin Cavallari Supports Heidi’s Plastic Surgery… In that Backhanded Way that Bitches “Support” Each Other

By now we’ve all seen Heidi Montag’s freakish metamorphosis-by virtue of 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day– into a realistic approximation of a human being with big tits and large lips. Fellow Hills cast member Kristin Cavallari recently revealed her opinion on the procedures, saying that she supports her friend’s decision to go under the knife. And under the knife. And under the knife. And under the knife. And under the knife….

“I think if she’s happy, it’s her body, she can do what she wants,” Kristin says. But then she turns right around and in the next breath sneers, “It freaks me out. There isn’t pressure to get plastic surgery in Hollywood. There is pressure to look a certain way but you can’t obsess about it. I’m lucky to have my family and good friends around me, and I know what’s really important.”

Ah, the beauty of true friendship.

Despite What You May Think, Kristin Cavallari is Not a Slut


Recently rumors have been circulating again that former Laguna Beach cast member and new star of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari has been dating or was dating John Mayer. Kristen said “as if!” to that false story this morning in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, saying that although the two had met and he did, in fact, ask her out, she declined. Why? Because as she put it, she didn’t want to be “another notch on his belt.”

Full disclosure: I freakin’ love Kristin. She’s probably one of my all-time favorite reality TV stars ever. Why? ‘Cause homegirl’s a bitch who keeps it real. The Hills is about to go through the roof starting tonight with the season premiere, and Kristen dished on that as well. “I get along with everybody except for Audrina. I don’t not like Audrina. I don’t think she likes me.” Y’all know that comes from the fact that MTV producers did their best to push Kristin together with Audrina’s ex, Justin Bobby, who honestly isn’t good enough for either one of them. If Audrina is on her fifth and final season of the show and still fails to understand that the whole thing is fake and any drama on the show is just for ratings, than she’s even more clueless than I originally thought. If JB was so precious to old Audrina, she should have kept him off screen like Lauren did with her real life love, Kyle Howard.

Anyway, I’m 110% ready to start “feeling the rain on my skin”, as of tonight. Kristin is going to tear the face off season five. And oh yeah, she won’t even sleep with the guys that Jennifer Aniston’s boned. Baller!

Underage No More

Katie Cassidy at Foley + Corinna Los Angeles store opening

Katie Cassidy — who turned 21 late last month — showed up to the Foley + Corinna Los Angeles store opening, along with Nicky Hilton, Kristen Cavallari and, my personal fave, Marla Sokoloff (Remember when she was on Full House? Anyone?).

Katie was arrested for underage drinking last month, just days before her 21st birthday.

I cannot wait to see what happens with this girl now that she’s legal.

Nicky Hilton at Foley + Corinna Los Angeles store opening Marla Sokoloff at Foley + Corinna Los Angeles store opening Kristen Cavallari at Foley + Corinna Los Angeles store opening