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Kimberly Hefner

Hef’s Selling the House Next Door


Well, THIS is interesting.

Hugh Hefner’s wife — yes, wife; the couple split in ’99 but did not divorce — Kim Hefner, has been living in the gigantic house next-door to Hef’s since 1996, when the couple bought the place for $6.7M (and financed the entire amount). Kim’s been living there with her Hef babies, the youngest of whom is now heading off to college. Hef has apparently decided that she no longer needs such a gigantic home, and he’s listed it for around $30M. A tidy profit, if it sells at that amount!

I can’t imagine Hef is very excited to part with the house next to the mansion. And I can’t imagine Kim is pleased about it, either. The economy is affecting EVERYONE.