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Kim Stolz

Kim Stolz Gets Bitchy with Tyra Banks

My Lord, did anything better come out of ANTM than Kim Stolz? (Answer: Yes, totally.) I just adore this girl. So you’ll all recall back at the Fiercee Awards where Kim was working the red carpet for MTV News and did a less-than-friendly interview with TyTy:

So I guess last night’s episode of ANTM involved an awards-show themed photo shoot (inspired by the Fiercee Awards!), and one of the girls — who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kim — was given the task of being the “Interviewer with an Attitude.” It was kind of obviously a jab at Kim.

This morning, Kim’s fighting back on MTV’s blog with an insincere letter to Tyra.

Not only is [the Fiercees] one of the nation’s most anticipated awards shows, but it’s also one of the more star-studded carpets that 221 West 26th Street has ever seen. Wait. What? Did someone say Carol Alt?

The Fiercee Awards bring young girls with the same dream together — and applauds them for such noble endeavors as “Ugliest Cry,” “Worst Wipeout” and “Craziest Phone Call.” Now, if winning one of those awards doesn’t inspire confidence in our young models, what will?

The whole reason I’m writing this post, though, is that Kim tops it off with a positively BRILLIANT impression of TyTy that I just had to share with you all.

Tragically, MTV won’t let me embed it, but you can watch it here.

Well, Hello There, Kim Stolz

Kim Stolz at release of Kate Nash’s new album ‘ Made Of Bricks ‘.

We haven’t seen Kim around for awhile, and, due to my fascination with all things Top Model — like, mainly, how are these girls still riding out their 15 minutes? — I have to run her photo.

Kim attended the NYC party for the release of Kate Nash’s new album.

I don’t know who Kate Nash is.

Most of you don’t know who Kim Stolz is.

I have no idea why I’m even posting this. I’m still in Vegas, guys, and just got back in from the bars, so blame it on that.

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Holy Shit It’s that Lesbian Chick from America’s Next Top Model!

Kim Stolz Lesbian Girl ANTM America’s Next Top Model

Remember this girl? Kim Stolz is her name. She made out with that Sara chick in the limo? And she was such a bitch to my adorable Lisa D’Amato. Oh, Kim, how fun of you to resurface!

Kim showed up at the Sundance Channel’s launch party for “Live from Abbey Road.” She’s not actually in the program, and she’s not actually, you know, famous, so I have no idea what she’s doing there or how she got an invite. But you gotta give the girl props for trying. She’s in good company, as Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Ben Harper and Aaron Eckhart also showed up.

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