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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Are Thanksgiving Angels

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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are such a great Hollywood couple. They stay under the radar and live their lives and – what do ya know – it actually works for them! They’ve been together for about 26 years now, which is no small feat. If that didn’t make them awesome enough, they’re both super involved with charity and do a lot of work for the Food Bank of NYC in Harlem, where they recently turned up to help prepare 1,000 meals for people in need in the city this Thanksgiving.

Here’s People‘s report:

Sedgwick and Bacon, who are actively involved in the food bank, say the cause is close to their hearts—and home. “We only live a few blocks from here and the idea that we have so much and there’s 1 out of 5 people in New York using food bank services is kind of staggering,” Bacon told PEOPLE.

With new challenges following government funding cuts that cost the city the equivalent of 76 million meals, Sedgwick says that Thanksgiving won’t be the same for many. “I remember coming here last year and things were rough and they were really struggling to feed the amount of people that were coming in,” she said. “I can only imagine this year, it must be a devastating loss.”

Before strapping on their chef’s hats and aprons, the couple also talked about their own Thanksgiving plans: They will once again be hosting both of their families, which has become an annual tradition.

“We have a great Bacon family Thanksgiving, we’ve been doing it forever,” said Sedgwick.

As for the meal, she admitted that she’s partial to dark turkey meat and gushed about her love of vegetables. “I heard that you don’t start enjoying Brussels sprouts until you’re an adult and let me say that’s one of the good things about getting older,” she said.

Love them! And now I’m hungry.

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Kevin Bacon Plays Angry Birds on the Subway, Loves Being Recognized

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Kevin Bacon‘s heyday is over. Like, good run and all, bro, but now’s the time when you enjoy all that Footloose money and chillax a bit, you know? No such luck, unfortunately – he’s all over T-Mobile UK ads and the subway, apparently, where he likes to play Angry Birds on his phone and be recognized by fans.

From The Observer:

“Fame is very much a double-edged sword. I had a prosthetic disguise made, because I wanted to see what it would be like not to be recognized. I didn’t like it very much — no one was nice to me. People didn’t bother me, but they also looked right through me, [but] actors want to be famous.”

I can appreciate that candor, but a prosthetic? I mean, you’re not Oprah (Oprah is the most famous person I can think of, shut up). Do Kevin a favor – if you see him on the train, give him a little wave and ask him what level of Angry Birds he’s on. He’ll thank you, I’m sure.

Bacon Climbs a Mountain and Sings About Farrah Fawcett


Kevin Bacon has a band with his brother– who I really wish was named “Macon,” but is unfortunately called Michael. This weekend, the Bacon brothers hiked to the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado to play a benefit concert for the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation, an organization which describes itself as “an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to providing support for cancer centers, and inspiration to those affected, throughout the world.”

It took 6 hours for the 50 year old actor and his brother to hike to the top of the 14,110 ft. peak, where along with Cy Cumin of The Fixxx, the duo played a benefit concert which included a tribute to Farrah Fawcett– who, as we all know, recently lost her battle with anal cancer. 95 hikers also trekked up the mountainside to attend the benefit concert.

Love, Hope, Strength has previously hosted events on Machu Picchu and Mount Everest. Which leads me to question the sense of holding a benefit concert on top of a mountain where not many people will attend.  But in terms of publicity, I suppose it can’t be beat.

And who am I to criticize someone’s well-meaning but slightly ineffective act? To help those being persecuted in Iran, I turned my Twitter avatar green. I’m sure that will really make the Ayatollah sit up and take notice.

Thief Nabs Bacon’s Blackberry


The New York Post is reporting that Kevin Bacon’s Blackberry was stolen by a mugger at 10:50 a.m. Thursday at the B, D and E station at 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue in NYC. The deliciously named actor chased after the thief but wasn’t able to catch him. Station employees weren’t notified of the robbery, but  sources say Bacon did notify police.

This means that the robber either didn’t recognize Kevin Bacon OR knew who he was and still had the brass tacks to swipe his phone and gain access to a treasure trove of unlisted celebrity contact info.

This also means that Kevin Bacon rides the subway.

Don’t get me wrong– public transportation is a perfectly sensible way to get around in NYC. I just find it unusual that anyone as famous as the Baconater prefers the strange fleshy smell and Blackberry thieving passengers of the New York Subway to a private chauffeur.

Linda Hogan Takes Break From Swiss Miss Cocoa Gig to Appear at Sundance


This image was the first thing my eyes focused on after rolling out of bed this morning.  If you applied for the weekend writing gig here at Evil Beet, you need to be aware of the occupational hazards.  It’s all fun and games until Linda Hogan has her support hose and pigtails on.  As if I wasn’t embarrassed enoughfor Linda , there’s a picture in the photo gallery of her kissing her stud.  She doesn’t need to read He’s Just Not That Into You, nor does she need to see the movie.  That picture is worth six words, Linda.  Pay attention.

Anyway, all the celebs are hanging around Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival.  Paris has been hanging around with Aubrey O’Day and her dog purse.  I can’t decide which accessory I find more offensive.  Christie Brinkley has been rejoicing with all her free stuff and Kevin Bacon has perfected his “I’m broke” face.  Danielle Fishel, super cute as Topanga on Boy Meets World, looks like a former Miss America and Zoe Kravitz goes to the top of my “Most Beautiful People Ever” list.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Taken for a Ride


Kevin Bacon’s rep, Allen Eichorn, confirms that his client and wife Kyra Sedgwick are victims of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.  There have been rumors that they lost everything except their checking account.  Normally, I’d find that hard to believe.  Bacon was smart enough not to make a Footloose 2 and I’d like to think he’d be smart enough to not entrust his fortune to any one human being.   Eichorn responded to the rumors by saying  “Please, let’s not speculate or rely on hearsay.”  Seriously, that doesn’t sound too reassuring.