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Kevin Bacon

Thief Nabs Bacon’s Blackberry

The New York Post is reporting that Kevin Bacon’s Blackberry was stolen by a mugger at 10:50 a.m. Thursday at the B, D and E station at 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue in NYC. The deliciously named actor chased after the thief but wasn’t able to catch him. Station employees weren’t notified of the robbery, but  sources say Bacon...

Linda Hogan Takes Break From Swiss Miss Cocoa Gig to Appear at Sundance

This image was the first thing my eyes focused on after rolling out of bed this morning.  If you applied for the weekend writing gig here at Evil Beet, you need to be aware of the occupational hazards.  It’s all fun and games until Linda Hogan has her support hose and pigtails on.  As if I wasn’t embarrassed enoughfor Linda ...

Look Who’s Helping!

Kevin Bacon lends a hand at City Harvest’s Pre-Thanksgiving Mobile Market in NYC. I love the holiday season! So many celebs helping out! Kevin Bacon, Nicole Richie, and, um, Michael Lohan. Kevin’s getting up there in years, but there’s still something indefinable and sexy about him! We need to see more of him.