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Kelly Killoren Bensimon



I don’t know how many of you watch The Real Housewives of New York, but I do and Kelly Bensimon is my favorite (except for the fact that she beat up her boyfriend.  That was not cool.)  Like, at first you think she’s just pretending to be stupid and then you realize that this is reality television in its purest form.  You realize that she’s totally serious.  I spend a lot of time greeting people in my best Kelly “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” voice.  Loads of fun, I tell you.

Anyway, Kels is going to be posing for Playboy.  She’ll be in the December issue; there’s really no better way to end your year.  Here’s a pic of Kels from a year or two ago.  From underwire to hipbone she’s totally Matthew McConaughey.

Rest of the Evening Round-Up: Erin Lucas, Lindsey Vuolo, Danielle Staub, Kelly Bensimon, Lance Bass

At the 3 Olives party last night, I tracked down a bunch more celebs to get the dirt on their lives. Erin Lucas — chain-smoking in the VIP area (NYC clubs are all non-smoking) and “catching up” with her ex-boyfriend from The City — took time to take a pic with me and answer some questions about why she wasn’t returning to the next season of The City. “I’m doing a couple things on the side,” she says. “I can’t really talk about it very much. It was a personal decision of mine to not continue on to season two. I’m kind of a gypsy. I’d like to focus on hosting — that’s what I went to school for, and that’s what I love.” I asked her about the AC/DC tat on her side — her dad’s the bassist for the group — and she said she changed her last name and tried to hide the fact that he was her father. “I never wanted to be known as the girl whose dad was in AC/DC, but that flew right out the window after the first season.”

Sasha Pasulka and Erin Lucas from The City Pictures Photos

Then I had a chance to talk to Lindsey Vuolo, Playmate Extraordinaire. She was at Kendra’s wedding and they’re close friends, so of course I had to ask her about Kendra’s impending motherhood. I mean, this is a girl who can’t keep her room even remotely clean — how’s she gonna raise a baby? “She is going to be a great mom,” says Lindsey, “because she wants to be a mom. She wanted to be married, she wanted to have a baby. She looks crazy and stupid on TV, but she is really a good person and she has a great family. She’ll learn, like we all do. I mean, it’s a baby, so I think she realizes she needs to be a little more responsible, but she’ll definitely have help. Her mom and her grandmother are fantastic. I wish her the best.”

Here’s Lindsey on the red carpet:

Lindsey Vuolo at 3 Olives Party Pictures Photos

Sasha Pasulka and Danielle Staub at 3 Olives Party Pictures Photos

Then I grabbed Housewife Danielle Staub for a photo and interview. I have to admit, she looked really pretty when I first saw her on the carpet and in the club, but the camera flash kind of did away with all that. (I can’t say it did me any favors either). I stood next to her for this photo and I swear her tits are made of rubber. Too funny. But you know what? I kind of thought she was awesome. She’s had scandal after scandal dug up about her — she was a stripper, she abused drugs, she’s been arrested — but she’s kept a positive attitude about it all. “I didn’t know that people would dig up things [when I signed up for the show], but I’m kind of really relived it happened the way it did,” she says. “I kind of wish people would leave my past in the past and let me tell my own story. And I’m about to do that … I’m writing a book.” But as for all the stories from her past — which she’s admitted are true — she says it’s freeing to have that all out there. “It’s almost like taking those tights off at the end of the day.”


Last, I talked to Kelly Bensimon — who divorced photographer Gilles Bensimon in 2007. I didn’t take a photo with Kelly. I didn’t want to be anywhere near a photo with Kelly. She is way too freakishly gorgeous in person. Totally unreal. So of course I had to ask her about her beauty regime. “I use body scrub every day and use a Neutrogena body oil on my skin, keeps my skin really soft,” she told me. “I drink a ton of water. And I sleep a lot. I really don’t drink that much, and I think that’s one of the reasons I look the way that I look. I’m not one of those people who is always on a diet, I just exercise and take care of myself and live a healthy life. I think of the word ‘diet’ as ‘die’ with a ‘t.’” Kelly’s launching a line of costume jewelry, so I asked her about her favorite fashion trend right now. “Shorts,” she says. “Shorts are like the new mini. You can run around and have fun in them but you still feel covered.” Kelly was, of course, looking absolutely stunning in a pair of glittery silver shorts, which I’m sure I never could have afforded, let alone looked good in. But she? Looked fabulous.

Lance Bass walked the red carpet really quickly, didn’t do many interviews, and then spent the rest of the night holed up in the VIP area texting away, Lohan-style. So I didn’t get a chance to talk with him, but I did grab him and make him take a photo with me, and he was really sweet about it, even though I’m pretty sure he was very annoyed with me:


And what would the end of the night be without a crazy non-celeb photo shoot on the red carpet? Yes, of course, my friend Kate and I hopped right on up there and made random people on the street take our photos. The fabulous end result?




All in all? Exactly what an NYC party should be like. We had a blast. And now? I must sleep.