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Katy Perry

18Ellen DeGeneres Ogles Katy Perry’s Boobs, Likes What She Sees

katy perry portia de rossi ellen degeneres grammy pics

You can’t shit for Grammy news today, it seems, and all of it is boring me into a coma… except this. Ellen DeGeneres got more than a little peek at Katy Perry‘s boobs at last night’s ceremony and seemed to like it – and Portia de Rossi thinks it’s hilarious! So much is great about this photo. Obviously it’s a bit of friendly banter and Ellen and Portia are totally in love forever, but I just love that it was even taken. How did this photo op come about? How great does Portia’s hair look? How much of a perv is Ellen? So many questions!

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February 11, 2013 at 10:30 am by Jennifer

2Russell Brand Thinks Katy Perry Was Perfect From Top To Bottom (I Heard THAT!)

There’s something you need to know before we go any further: Katy Perry is my girl and I won’t have a bad word said against her. I mean, obviously you can say whatever you want about her because we’re all adults here and there’s such a thing as free speech and some people don’t like pop stars, even ironically, but I won’t hear it. It’ll go in one ear and out the other because I think she’s great, okay? I mean, have you actually listened to Teenage Dream? Have you seen Part of Me 3D? Have you looked at her? She’s flawless and I rest my case.

Anyway, this entry is about Katy, but only insomuch as what her ex-husband and human yoga mat Russell Brand had to say about her in a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show. After calling Katy’s current man friend John Mayer (feel free to talk shit about that, cos he’s a moron of the highest proportions) a “womanizer” – pot, meet kettle! – Russell stood up for Katy and said he wouldn’t talk bad about her just to generate a story. A true gentleman if ever there was one!

“You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them,” Brand explained, later telling the radio host, “So help me God, Howard Stern, I will not compromise my ex-wife’s vagina for the sake of ratings! That woman was perfect from top to bottom.” (via The Huffington Post)

Well, yeah, but at the same time, let’s let go of the whole “Katy needs protection but I can’t supply it” martyrdom, shall we? In any case, it seems like Russell is on a campaign of decency lately. First he takes Demi Moore for a meditation retreat in India, then he refuses to bad-mouth his ex-wife… what will he come up with next?

February 6, 2013 at 11:30 am by Jennifer

2Katy Perry Changed John Mayer’s Soul, and the Color of His Aura Probably, Too

photo of john mayer and katy perry pictures, photos
Oh, you mean you didn’t hear? Because yes, John Mayer did an interview with Rolling Stone wherein he discussed how very happy Katy Perry has made him, and how much his life has changed for the better since he stopped being a feathered-hair doofus whose very favorite past time was objectifying women and subjecting them to bogus serenades like ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’. Things are so, so much better.

Here’s John talking about his new, sturdy relationship with Katy Perry:

I haven’t had any trouble in my private life at all. It’s been … I mean, I’m quite happy. I’m happy in all aspects of my life. I’m very happy in all aspects of my life.

And John on being wary of photographers:

I used to be incredibly put off by somebody taking a picture, thinking as if in some way it was it was invading my brain. But all it is, is you can see where I was last weekend. That’s all … That’s not tremendously frightening to me.

On Frank Ocean (?):

Frank is such an interesting, deep, touched, wonderful guy. He’s fascinating to me. He’s so great.

And last, on how he’s improving himself and his life and what we can expect in the coming days:

I’m interested in living more of a life that’s invisible to everybody and more vibrant to a fewer people that are in my life.

Oh, but wait. John Mayer was spotted getting cozy with ‘Girls’ star Allison Williams in New York City this past weekend, so there is still that, right? A leper never really loses his spots or whatever, don’t you know.

January 31, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Sarah

5Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s Patterns

This is Katy Perry, leaving the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles last night, and though I’m not a fan of crazy, funky patterns, generally speaking, I do like this ensemble. The shoes suck, because you know how I hate ankle boots, but the rest of the outfit really, really works for me.

… You know what they say about busy patterns, though, don’t you? Because they say that sometimes women wear busy patterns to distract people from the fact that they have a burgeoning bump around their midsection, and I’m not going to say that Katy’s knocked up with John Mayer’s child (because that’s just a frightening, frightening notion to behold), but I’m also not going to say that Katy’s not knocked up with John Mayer‘s child. That’s all.

Oh, and also? Since we’re being so random? As I enter my final week as Managing Editor for Evil Beet Gossip, I just wanted to put it out there that I have a newly-created Twitter account for those of you interested in keeping touch after the transition. Gonna miss y’all a lot! You can follow me here if you’d like.

Oranges. Dumbbell. Intersection.


January 25, 2013 at 9:30 am by Sarah
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3Katy Perry And John Mayer Are Ready for Kids

A photo of Katy Perry and John Mayer

Katy Perry and John Mayer started dating sometime in July of last year. Since then, they’ve broken up a few times, been photographed together a few times, and so now they’re totally ready to start having babies. Obviously.

Katy Perry is reportedly preparing “her body and mind” to have a baby.

Since going public with their relationship in December, Katy has been inseparable from her boyfriend John Mayer. The pop star is completely taken with John, with claims she is considering starting a family with her beau.

“She’s gained a few pounds,” a source explained to British magazine more! “Katy is taking a much needed break from work, and perhaps even getting her body and mind ready for pregnancy.”

The couple went on holiday to Hawaii over New Year, where John’s affection for the pop star was reportedly even clearer. The rocker was apparently unable to keep his eyes off Katy. An insider observed that John was constantly taking pictures of his girlfriend, claiming: “He couldn’t stop snapping away. Katy was happy to oblige – she found it very amusing.”

Katy was previously married to British comedian Russell Brand, with their divorce finalised in July 2012. John has dated celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. Sources confide that John fell for Katy because of her self-sufficient nature.

“Katy is so independent and not needy and clingy like other girls he dated,” the source stated.

John recently sparked rumours that he may be planning on proposing to the California Dreams singer after he was spotted perusing engagement rings.

I don’t think I can explain why, but I can definitely see this being at least partly true. One of the reasons that Katy’s marriage to Russell Brand didn’t work out was that Russell really wanted children, and Katy said she did too, but when he talked about it, she shut him down (did you see her movie? This is in there.), and he wasn’t into it. If she had gotten pregnant, I think she’d still be married right now, but she wanted to focus on her career. Which, you know, that’s fair, but she told Russell a different story for a good long while.

But now that she doesn’t have an epic tour to do or new music to release, I can see her getting into a more laid back lifestyle. But mostly, I can see her having some kind of unhealthy, codependent relationship with John Mayer. And he’s a real bad boy, not a reformed one like Russell. I think she’d consider locking this thing down with a baby.

What do you think?

January 21, 2013 at 5:30 am by Emily
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0So I Guess Katy Perry And John Mayer Are Going to Move in Together

A photo of Katy Perry and John Mayer

From Hollywood Life:

It looks like notorious womanizer John Mayer might have finally found the woman to tame his wild ways in Katy Perry. The couple have been dating on and off since July, but after the two attended a Broadway show together on Dec. 12, it seems that things have become serious. A source tells that John wants to move in with Katy!

“John wants to take his relationship with Katy to the next level,” the insider tells us. “He has suggested to Katy that they get a place of their own. He feels like she’s the one for him and wants to commit himself fully.”

Our source adds, “John is really into architecture and wants to create a ‘sanctuary’ for himself and Katy.” So sweet!

Well, this raises a lot of questions. What Broadway show did they see, and how did it change their relationship that much? Has John Mayer really changed, or did he just realize that Katy Perry is the most famous, most rich person that will ever get with him? Why have we never heard that he’s really into architecture? Is he going to design a new home for them, or did this source just think that being “really into architecture” sounded better than “really into decorating”?

January 10, 2013 at 6:30 am by Emily
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