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Katie Holmes

I Think Suri Cruise Might Be Possessed

A photo of Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

During the month of October, I kind of got obsessed with scary movies. We were buying a few DVDs a week, going to the awesome second-run movie theater in the next town over, and borrowing whatever we could from friends. It was kind of a problem, but like a really really fun problem that you don’t realize is a problem until you wake up a few nights in a row from awful nightmares about old lady vampires and zombie children on a school bus. Since then, I’ve moved on to documentaries about animals, but the terror still lingers in my mind.

So maybe I’m letting that affect how I’m viewing this picture of Katie Holmes and little Suri. Maybe in reality, this is a picture of an adorable little girl and her doting mother, and I have no reason to be afraid. Or maybe I’m onto something …

Katie Holmes is on the Cover of Marie Claire

photo of katie holmes cover of marie claire pictures 2011 hot pic

Katie Holmes is one of those celebrities that I will never get sick of … looking at. She’s sort of average-ish, I guess, but in her average-ness is complete gorgeousness. I’m not saying that anyone who can snag Tom Cruise has got to be hot, because I think he was getting pretty desperate to settle down when he “chose” Katie out of a group of five or six other Hollywood starlets who happened to be available at the time, but I am saying that Tom kind of won the marriage lottery, because Katie gets far less credit than what she actually deserves. I mean, yeah, she moves her face in funny ways when she talks and sort of portrays every character she’s cast as the same, but hey. Her beginnings were humble – she came from Dawson’s Creek, and hell. Look where she is now.

Keep on keeping on, Kate.

Katie Holmes Looks a Little Bit More Like Katie Holmes in Elle Russia

photo of katie holmes for elle russia pictures photos

I’ve always been a fan of Katie Holmes‘ look. She’s pretty without being overdone (when she’s not being Photoshopped to oblivion), and her overall look is soft and feminine no matter if she’s rocking sweats and sweat, or a dress that I’d have to save up for three years in order to purchase. That being said, girlfriend looks absolutely awesome on the October cover of Elle Russia, doesn’t she? I mean, she practically looks like she’s both in control of her own mind, and making her own career and business decisions! I don’t know what kind of newfangled Photoshop feature that is, but she’s working it well, folks!

Do You Like Scary Movies?

Listen up, kiddies: I am a huge horror fan (and here is my favorite horror movie site), but I am also a pauper. So I seldom see movies in the theater unless I am super convinced of either their terrifyingness or their terrible-ness.

The last movie I saw was Insidious, for instance. (Do you have Catholic guilt? Do you suffer from sleep paralysis? If either question earns a “yes,” please do not see Insidious, because it is a Mindfreak in the worst way. Love, Sleepless in Chicago, Still.)

So! Here’s a surprisingly-competent Katie Holmes (with Memento‘s Guy Pearce) in the Guillermo del Toro -produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark:

Next: I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints about the trailer for the Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, an indie horror starring Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning, and Bruce Dern, with music by Dan Deacon. Folks say the trailer looks cheap; I think it looks like a horror film populated by paper dolls. What do you think?

Finally, here’s perennial unicorn Tilda Swinton—and co-starring John C. Reilly as her husband—in a horrific Bad Seed plot about a mother and her sociopath son (based on a novel based on a true-ish story).

And yes, we covered this trailer a week ago, but all things come in Threes, and anyway, it’s my birthday today, SO HERE, AGAIN:

Of the three, which horror trailer is the most awesome?

Which horror movie looks most awesome?
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Katie Holmes Looks Really Cute, I Think!

A photo of Katie Holmes

For those of you who have followed this blog for a long time, or even those of you who have kept up with celebrity gossip for a long time, you’ll remember that Katie Holmes hasn’t always had the greatest fashion sense. Sure, she’s been looking better these days, I guess, but this is the first time I think she’s looked cute. Or, you know, almost cute.  Either way, it’s a start.

The only things I don’t like about this dress are the sides of it, because I think cut out dresses are usually silly, and the hem. There’s something off about the hem, isn’t there?  I don’t know, it bothers me, and that’s mostly what’s keeping me from just flat out calling her adorable here.

What do you guys think?  Is Katie finally achieving her full cuteness potential, or is she still falling just a little short?

Love It or Leave It: Katie Holmes Finally Wears a Bikini

Look! Katie Holmes wore a bikini, can you believe it? You know, when you write celebrity gossip, you could probably mentally call up any bikini-clad celebrity’s image and say “Yup, that’s what [fill in the blank] looks like in a bikini.” However? Katie Holmes’ rather willowy figure has always been one of those who has alluded even my most remote of mental recollections. I’m not even sure that I’ve ever seen Katie Holmes in a bikini to recall that that girlfriend had a semi-outie. It’s SO CUTE.

Do you guys have innies? Outies?

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This is What Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Did on Memorial Day

[Image removed by request]

Here we have the mom-daughter duo with the most shiny brunette hair who were photographed hitting the beach yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day.

Katie Holmes is looking seriously the best she has in years, and Suri is getting so big and so adorable. What I want to know, though, is where is Tom Cruise in all of this? He’s arguably got one of the most naturally beautiful women in Hollywood as his wife, and one of the cutest kids going. How is this man so busy all of the time? What the hell could he possibly be doing? Mission Impossible is over, did he not get the memo? Oh. Wait. … Nope, no, apparently it’s not. He’s got another one in production, and two other unrelated films in filming and development.

So alright. I guess I see why he’s so busy. But still. These are the times, my man. Don’t let them pass you by, right? Your daughter’s only going to be making those rubbery faces for so long, and your wife’s probably going to be as young and flawless as you like her for just another few years, you know?