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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!



Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! If you’re looking for a Grammy’s fashion post, here it is.

Let’s take a look at what celebs were wearing this week and dub a “winner” for BEST, WORST, and WTF.

Hint: Jared Leto is a big contender for "WTF." Full outfit in the post!

Hint: Jared Leto is a big contender for “WTF.” Full outfit in the post!

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Hilary Duff and Kate Beckinsale Talk Post-Baby Bodies

photo of hilary duff post baby pictures body pic
You know what I love? Seriously, all joking aside? When I hear certain celebrities talking like they’re normal people, when everyone thinks that the idea couldn’t be further from the truth for some of them. See, Hilary Duff has been a big proponent of “the weight’ll come off when the weight comes off,” and now Kate Beckinsale‘s jumping on the wagon, too, because she apparently put on a crap-ton of weight during her pregnancy (though you wouldn’t know it to look at her size zero body now).

From a recent interview with Glamour UK, Kate on pregnancy and what it does to womens’ bodies:

“There’s an obsessional hatred of normal human processes. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body and it should. It isn’t normal to not look like you’ve had a baby immediately after you’ve had a baby. I was gigantic after I had Lily – I put on a good 3 ½ stone, and it didn’t go ‘til I stopped breast feeding… I was lucky that Britain wasn’t so paparazzi-orientated [then]. I was allowed to get on with it and enjoy my baby – and figure out what being a mother was all about instead of worrying about [fitting into] my f**king jeans.”

Which I agree with. Women would be better off focused on the important things post-baby, and not—if I can take a page out of Kate’s vocabulary book—fitting into their f-cking jeans.

Hilary, who was also under fire this past week for—oh my God, can you imagine—wearing a bathing suit in public when she’s not yet “done” losing her baby weight (see above photo), responds through In Touch magazine and has some point-blank things to say about those criticizing her body and those dwelling on shit that just. doesn’t. matter:

“Say it to my face. I’m not perfect, but I feel fantastic. This is how it goes for most women – the weight doesn’t fall off overnight. I don’t care what people say. I’m not back to where I want to be, but I’m not stressing it.”

This was in response to certain critics who claim that Hilary is disgusting and slovenly and lazy because she’s not back to her former weight a whole THIRTEEN WEEKS after her son, Luca Cruz, was born. Here’s the best of the comments, also from In Touch:

“A month or so ago I was concerned that she wouldn’t even try to lose weight,” wrote one online critic. “Now I’m convinced she doesn’t even care how she looks, gross!”

Can we get an ‘amen’ here? Seriously, guys.

How Twilight Ruined Christmas

A photo of Kate Beckinsale

Look, you guys, it’s Kate Beckinsale! We haven’t even mentioned Kate Beckinsale in over two years, and the last time we ran an actual story about her was back in 2009, when she left her dog in her car, and that’s a mighty long time in these parts.

So what has Kate been up to all this time? Probably just like filming Underworld movies back to back that no one wants to see, right? Nah, she’s just reading to her kid all the time is all.

From Us Weekly:

Kate Beckinsale is passionate about reading, but says her daughter’s passion for The Twilight Saga nearly “ruined” their family’s Christmas!

During National Reading Month in March, the Total Recall star, 38, teamed up with “The Nestle Share the Joy Reading Program” to promote the importance of children’s literacy.

Beckinsale told Us Weekly, “One of the things I like about the Nestle program is that it is very good with providing reading materials to children who are from low income families and don’t have access in their homes… [to] age appropriate reading material.”

The actress has a 13-year-old daughter, Lily, with her ex Michael Sheen, 43. The couple separated in 2003 after eight years and Beckinsale married Len Wiseman, 38, in 2004.

“I’ve been very obsessed with reading since I was tiny,” she shared. “My mum was a big reader and very much imposed reading on me and I’m the same with my daughter, who’s a huge reader.”

Recalled Beckinsale, “She read Twilight and was completely obsessed with them. It actually almost ruined Christmas one year because all she wanted to do was be a vampire and she didn’t want anything on her Christmas list.”

The actress read to her daughter “every night for 11 something years” until it became “a little less appropriate” as Lily grew up.

“I did read the entire Harry Potter, which, you know they got pretty long in the end,” she explained to Us Weekly. “We did all that and that was a really fun thing for us.”

Let’s get one thing straight: it is always completely appropriate to read to someone. Always. During college, my BFF read the entire Harry Potter series to a group of us, and it was absolutely wonderful. We would go to her room and be like “please, I have a midterm tomorrow and if I have to study this algebra bullshit* for one more second, I’m going to go crazy, so can we read the next chapter of Order of the Phoenix now?” And it was always so soothing.

But man, is it kind of disturbing to anyone else that her daughter was so into Twilight that she wanted to be a vampire for Christmas?

*Listen, my college algebra class was a joke. It took me four hours to complete the final, and that was with multiple instances of going to her desk and asking her for help. I’d be like “I’m having trouble with this question,” and she’d be all “you just have to use the Pythagorean theorem,” and I’d be like “what?” She said “that’s middle school geometry,” and I was just like “whatever.” I made a B in the class, but that was because about three and half hours into the final, two hours after everyone else in the class was done, she asked me what my major was, probably because she couldn’t believe I was having so much trouble. I told her I was a theatre major, and she said “ohhh.” She said “theatre would be really hard for me,” and I said “probably like algebra is really hard for me.” And that’s my algebra story.