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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco Loves Her Fake Boobs


Did you know that Kaley Cuoco got breast implants when she was 18? This was something I learned thanks to her interview with the upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I guess since her haircut isn’t getting enough attention, she’s throwing this tidbit out there. From Cosmo via Daily News:

Kaley Cuoco does not regret getting plastic surgery.

“The Big Bang Theory” actress revealed in the May issue of Cosmopolitan that she underwent a breast augmentation procedure in 2004 and couldn’t be happier about it.

It was “the best decision I ever made,” she told the mag.

Cuoco, 27, went under the knife during the time period she starred on the ABC comedy “8 Simple Rules.”

“The best decision” she ever made? More so than getting married to her current husband? You know, the one she married after 6 months?

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Photo: Kaley Cuoco got a haircut

kaley cuoco

I don’t really pay much attention to Kaley Cuoco one way or the other, but she really, really wants us to. So much so that she felt the need to post a photo online of her new haircut this weekend. It’s nothing special, but here’s her pseudo coy face as she shows off the look.

I like the chopiness, actually, but really all this picture made me feel was dread because I really need to go get a haircut. It’s spring! Time for a new look.

What do you think of Kaley’s new look?

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Kaley Cuoco Bought Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Old House

kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Well, Kaley Cuoco has moved up in the world and is going to be living the dream: she and new hubby Ryan Sweeting have bought Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom‘s old house for an insane $5.49 million. I mean, it’s a nice place, and all – it’s located in Tarzana, California and has the seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms and is described as a “breathtaking Mediterranean villa within the estates section of guard-gated Mulholland Park”.

Khloe put the house on the market late last year after her split from Lamar and originally was only asking $4 million (they paid $3.95 million in 2009) so it sold for quite a bit above the asking price. Apparently Khloe’s looking for a house close to momager Kris in Hidden Hills now, according to TMZ.

It’s a pretty nice house, all told, but I’m such a cheapskate that I can’t imagine that I’d spend anywhere near that on a house regardless of how rich I am. That’s so much money! What do you think of the place?

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Kaley Cuoco and Her Fiancé Killed Their First Christmas Together

kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! Kaley Cuoco and her soon-to-be husband, Ryan Sweeting, just spent their first Christmas together. They’re going to marry each other, but they’ve never spent Christmas together. Just wanted to drive that home before saying that they totally “killed it”. I suppose that translates to “We didn’t murder each other or each other’s families! Everyone is still alive! This is great!”… or something.

This was her caption for the above photo, which she posted on Instagram: “1st Christmas together! Killed it!” Considering she gave her mom a Lexus for the holiday, I suppose that’s apt. No one’s going to say that a new car isn’t a great gift.

What do you guys think? Is this wedding even going to happen? Are they kinda the best or sorta the worst? I can’t decide!

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Kaley Cuoco Gives Her Mom A Damn Good Christmas Surprise


Kaley Cuoco made us all wish she was our daughter when photos came out today of her giving her mom a car for Christmas. A Lexus SUV, and the car has the oversized bow on it and everything, which is just crucial. The photos, via Zimbio, are really sweet. First, the car drives up:

Then, she brings out her mom (with champagne in hand).

Then, we get her mom’s reaction:

Love it. And she seems truly touched:

That Kaley Cuoco sure is a nice gal. I’m glad she had such a lovely fake wedding, and I hope her “real” one is just as fab.

What did you get YOUR parents for Christmas?

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Kaley Cuoco Got Fake Married On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

kaley cuoco wedding

It felt weird to type out The Ellen DeGeneres Show – doesn’t everyone just call it Ellen (even though that was actually the same of her old sitcom)? Anyway, I digress already. Kaley Cuoco was a guest earlier this week and seeing as she’s engaged to a guy she’s only been dating for three months, Ellen thought it would be a great idea if one of her staff members – who is legally able to marry people – performed a wedding ceremony right there on the show. Kaley loved the idea, and the following ensued:

Don’t get your panties in a twist, though – this isn’t a legit wedding, it was just for fun. We all know Kaley is far too busy to get married, but she did say on the show that she hopes to make it happen next year even though they haven’t planned anything or figured out a date. Wow, this all bodes so well. Ah, who knows – crazier things have happened. These kids could really make it!

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Kaley Cuoco Is “Too Busy” To Get Married

kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Well, you can’t say it hasn’t been a whirlwind few months for Kaley Cuoco. After dating/splitting up with Superman Henry Cavill, she got with some guy named Ryan Sweeting and they got engaged after only three months. Is it doomed? Most likely, but at least she’s being smart by not rushing into a wedding. Not because she isn’t totally in love and really happy, but just because she’s “too busy” and – the ever popular answer – “enjoying being engaged”. Lawwwwwwd…

From US Weekly:

“I’m excited, on top of the world, we’re so happy!” the blonde beauty told reporters on the red carpet at the Polo event. But despite the speedy engagement, the pair are in no rush to the altar. “We are too busy to wedding plan,” she added. “In a year we will start talking about it. We are enjoying being engaged.”

Well, whatever. Just enjoy that engagement or whatever it is you’re doing.

On a side note, can we talk about Kaley’s sister tried out for The Voice this year and was AWFUL and yet somehow got through? I think she was put through because of who she is and that it’s not actually a “blind” audition at all – and apparently I’m not the only one who thought that since Kaley had to make a public statement about how the show’s not rigged (which pretty much means it is).

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