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Justin Timberlake

Quotables: Justin Timberlake Wants to Be a Country Star

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake was on Sirius XFM’s The Highway earlier this week, where he declared that his dreams of being a country superstar are “still alive”. On The 20/20 Experience – Part 2, he’s got a song called ‘Drink You Away’, which is apparently country inspired… but he doesn’t want to stop there!

“I just did an interview earlier today and I said ‘I’m America, that’s what I am – in all sense of the word’. I grew up outside of Memphis, Tennessee, and I listened to country music, R&B music, classic rock… everything.

“I still got my eyes on a ‘Best Country Album’. There’s time for that.”

Well, I’m not so sure about that… and I think it would probably be career suicide, actually. Please don’t ever make a country album, Justin.

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Boo Hoo, Why Is Everyone So Mean to Justin Timberlake?

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake just wants to entertain the world! He wants to sing and dance and act and brighten your day with his luminous talent… or something! So that’s why he doesn’t get why some critics are so mean and say things like “You shouldn’t make movies EVER AGAIN!” or “Ew, your music sucks!” After all, Justin is a grown man who’s found incredible success and has more millions of dollars than I have fucks to give, so it makes sense that what random people write in magazines would get to him, right?

From GQ:

“Where did all this vitriol come from? It’s mean. And I’m not cut out for it. [Runner, Runner] didn’t do well at the box office, so I should quit? Hold on a second. If I was somebody else, you wouldn’t have said that.

“I have the number one album this week, and I shouldn’t have released it? Come on, man. You sound like a dickhead. It just shocked me because, like, you’re trade magazines. None of your opinions count. And by the way, none of you can do it.”

Yeah, but maybe you’re kinda sounding like the bigger dickhead for responding to it and being so bothered? I feel like the most obvious rule of all, the most important rule created when it comes to haters is DON’T ENGAGE! If you respond in a butthurt way, you just look corny because you show it bothered you rather than continuing to live your life and doing you because that’s what you want to do.

Come on, Justin – you’ve been in this business long enough to know better. I’m going to need you to fill out this form:


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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Want #Hashtags To Go Away

jimmy fallon justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are good friends and have been for years – Jimmy even spoke did improv(?) at Justin’s wedding! – and they’re always doing stupid shit together. Of course, by stupid shit I mean funny shit. Last night hashtag skit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was no exception. I won’t even describe – you can just watch!

If Justin ever decides to give up his music and his ~serious acting~ careers, I really think he’d be a great comedic star. He’s got really good timing, isn’t afraid to be silly and is a total team player.

Also, the hashtag thing IS out of control. Seriously – one or two keywords about a trending topic is acceptable, but the overabundance of hashtags is a hot mess. What do you think – funny or not so much?

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What Do We Think of Justin Timberlake’s ‘TKO’?

Justin Timberlake is set to release the second part of his 20/20 Experience album at the end of this month, but he’s given us another teaser of what we can expect with his new track ‘TKO’. It’s another whopper at over seven minutes long, but I guess that’s what ~artistry~ is all about… right? It’s been produced by Timbaland, of course, so it’s all very much the JT we’re used to.

What do you think? Were you a fan of The 20/20 Experience and will you get The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2?

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Jay-Z Is Totally Down-to-Earth, Says Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake jay-z

If Justin Timberlake could pucker up any harder to kiss Jay-Z‘s ass, he’d give himself a hernia. Sure, they collaborated on Magna Carta Holy Grail and they’re “friends”, but take it down a few notches, bro. Now Justin is insisting that Jay-Z is nothing like his on stage persona of some hardened thug or something (which… that’s definitely not his persona anymore) and he’s actually just a cool, normal guy and is actually acting when he’s performing.

From T Magazine:

“I try to talk to people about how much acting goes into music, how much of a character goes into what you put on stage.

“You ever sit down with Jay? He’s not the guy he is on stage. I’m not the guy I am on stage. I am a performer. It’s an elevated idea.”

Thanks, Captain Obvious. I mean… I dunno, am I missing something? Jay-Z is a great rapper and he clearly lives the lifestyle of flashing his money about and being a “boss” when not performing. So what? As for Justin, I don’t see a “persona” there, I see a singer… singing songs. It’s not like Lady GaGa or someone who puts on elaborate stage production and dresses up in wigs and costumes and shit, so I don’t know that this applies.

That being said, I like both JT and Jay-Z, I just kinda don’t get his point.

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Justin Timberlake Totally Didn’t Mean to Insult One Direction


Okay, here’s the deal: Apparently Justin Timberlake said that *NSYNC was better than One Direction during some interview on The Breakfast Club and now he’s trying to backtrack and claim that that question was really who would win at a pie eating contest. Uh… LOL. Here’s the comments in question:

“I have not seen them on stage, but I’d be willing to say that we’re better than them.

“But I don’t feel like I’m laying down any gauntlet. I’ve seen them a couple times and I like those guys. It’s interesting to see this whole wave of that come back around.”

Okay, so in what world could that ever have been about pie eating? And what reporter would be dumb enough to even ask a question like that in the first place? Also, he isn’t even making sense considering at one point he says he’s never seen them on stage and in the next sentence, he’s saying he’s seen them a few times. Which is it, Justin?

Obviously he started getting a lot of shit for this, so he hopped on Twitter to clear things up:

Sorry, Justin, I don’t buy it.

Please Don’t Let This Happen: Justin Timberlake Wants To Play The Riddler

justin timberlake vmas

Justin Timberlake is a huge fan of Justin Timberlake. Which is why Justin Timberlake thinks Justin Timberlake would be a perfect choice for The Riddler. Look, we already have Ben Affleck as Batman — do we have to make more poor decisions? How much can one franchise take?

From Rolling Stone:

Timberlake said in a recent interview on New York radio station Fresh 102.7 that he would rather play a bad guy than take on a role like Batman’s sidekick Robin. “Now, a villain! I’ll tell you the villain I want to play more than anything – because I grew up loving Batman – funnily enough, is the Riddler,” Timberlake said.  “The Riddler is my favorite villain. The Riddler was like a sociopath. He was proper crazy. So if I’m gonna play crazy, I wanna play proper crazy.”

Cool story, bro.

WAIT A MINUTE — I just realized that I don’t care about any of this. Carry on!

But who would you like to see as The Riddler?