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Brazil Is Slapping Bieber With A Graffiti Charge

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Justin Bieber lives his life like he can do anything and we’re all just lucky to be in it, so I’m happy that Brazil stood up and said, “Oh HELL no.” They’re slapping him with a graffiti charge. What’s really funny about this is that Bieber had permission from the city Rio de Janeiro to paint on a wall, but Bieber chose to paint on a wall closer to his hotel. The official charge from police is (via People magazine), “Defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means.” The police statement goes on to say, “Authorization granted by the city did not extend to other locations.” BIEBER YOU ARE SUCH A TOOL!

Apparently he picked his own wall because he wanted to, “avoid local fans.” Oh I bet he did. Mwuahaha.

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Oh Snap: Video Proof that Justin Bieber Hired a Prostitute

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There were rumours flying around that Justin Bieber and his corny ass friends ordered some prostitutes from a local brothel while in Rio de Jeneiro this past week, and while I don’t think too many people besides demented Beliebers thought that was untrue, now we have our proof: the hooker Justin fucked took a video on her phone and posted it on the internet while he slept. LMAOOOOOOO! LOVE IT:

Here’s the scoop: the woman in question is a well-known prostitute in the area named Tati Neves. Some are saying she’s a trans woman, but that’s neither here nor there (though some are saying that’s proof that Justin is gay). I don’t care either way about that, but as a friend of mine said, the only reason he had to hire a prostitute instead of having sex with any number of ready and willing fans is that he must be into some freak shit that he doesn’t feel comfortable letting just anyone in on.  I’d say that seems likely.

Anyway, props to Tati for saying “fuck a non-disclosure agreement” and posting this for the world to see. And because the video will probably be deleted soon, I got your back in gif form:

justin bieber

Happy Thursday!

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This Is What $500 Will Get You at a Justin Bieber Meet-and-Greet

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Some fans in Brazil shelled out some pretty big bucks – the eqiuvalent of $500, in fact – for a special meet-and-greet package with the love of their lives, Justin Bieber. Now, Justin is a busy man-child, of course, so he couldn’t spend hours with his fans, but while most artists at least take a few moments to chat with each person who’s paid the money and taken the time to come backstage, what Justin Bieber’s fans got was… a whole lot less.

What the fuck just happened? The girls got five seconds to take a picture before they were PHYSICALLY SHOVED by an adult out of the room. Justin didn’t smile, didn’t offer a single word to any of them, just stared blankly at the camera as the girls were shuffled through. HELL NAW.

I mean, I suppose you can’t blame the kid – after all, he does have some prostitutes to get home to.