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Finally The Juggalos Are Getting The Attention They Deserve

I have been WAY in to Juggalos for awhile now, but I haven’t had many people to enjoy them with. That’s been really unfortunate because Juggalos are sincerely one of the greatest forms of entertainment on the face of the planet. Juggalos aren’t just funny because they dress like goth clowns and seem to think they’re hard-asses, they’ve also built a huge community online that is one of the most supportive, familial groups on the Internet. Sure, they’re a group that claims to love mass-murder and encourages mental illness in its followers, but they love each other. I actually think it’s all kind of sweet because they’re trashy, but they’re not bad and everyone wants friendship.

So then cut to yesterday when this video blows up all over the place. I got this link sent to me by about 20 friends who were all, “OMG! This is that Juggalo thing you talk about?!” Yes! This is that Juggalo thing I talk about and you don’t have to apologize for being clueless because I know I’m always up on the hot stuff first and I’m used to this feeling of retribution. Bang bang!

Are you guys down with the clown?