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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Some Important Things to Say About ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’

… Well at least he’s excited about his film, huh? There is that, after all.

Also, if you couldn’t watch the video, here it is in a nutshell: ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’ will be coming to a theater near you, probably, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really, really excited about it. There was lots of arm waving and rocking back and forth to witness, and lots of pompousness, which was only thinly veiled by self-deprecating and grudging acknowledgements of his greatness, but don’t worry: it’s all been used to reinforce the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really, really excited about all this, and while I generally think he’s kind of a smug little bastard, I do like him. He’s gads and gads better than so many of his peers out there, and though it’s sometimes hard to keep that kind of perspective, I try my best.

Personally, though? While I somewhat admire Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and think he’s all shades of cute, I think ‘Don Jon’ is probably going to flop in theaters, and though that would be totally OK with him, I’m sure (yeah, right; he’d probably have a f-cking coronary), I also think he might be jumping the gun just a little bit in rehearsing his Oscar acceptance speech, because that’s what this video really was, wasn’t it?

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tony Danza Talk About Porn

Remember how Joseph Gordon-Levitt pulled out of ‘Django Unchained’ to direct, star, and produce or whatever his own film called ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’? Because it’s still on its way, and it still looks kind of ridiculous, despite having a stellar cast like Tony Danza, Julianne Moore, and Scarlett Johansson. Guess it pays to have good friends in the right places, because honestly? I can’t imagine Julianne or Scarlett signing onto something this silly-sounding if there weren’t feelings involved. Tony, sure—he’ll take what he can get these days and this was probably a pretty big break for him, but come on. ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’ is certainly not going to be any Tarantino, and that’s for damn sure.

Check out the gallery for a bunch of ridiculous photos of Tony Danza and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because LOL.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stripped on SNL

photo of joseph gordon levitt nudes snl pic
We talked about Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s imminent appearance on last night’s SNL, and he delivered. If, by “delivered,” it means “he showed up and did the contractual hosting duty thing.” In the opening monologue, JGL and company spoofed Magic Mike, and naturally, there was a lot of grinding, hip-thrusting, and black leather. It was … meh, to say the least.

Here’s a poor quality video, but hey. It’s a video at any rate.

Last, can someone honestly tell me—was Magic Mike this bad? Was it this God-awful? Because wow. If this is all what the movie entailed, I’m so, so glad I didn’t go to see it that one night. Yike.

Who did it better—JGL or the cast of Magic Mike?

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