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Jordin Sparks

Virginal Love Is in the Air!

Jordin Sparks took in a Lakers game last night with her boyfriend, “singer” Steph Jones. I took twenty seconds out of my day to listen to some of his stuff on his MySpace page...


Rough Life

I spent Sunday sledding on a freeway exit and searching for a cell phone in two feet of snow with a metal detector, but Jordin Sparks? Arrived in Perth, Australia, where the sun shines as...


Lookin’ Good!

I’m still a little bitter with her for announcing at the VMAs that anyone who doesn’t wear a promise ring is a slut, but, still. Jordin Sparks actually was looking quite good at...


I Love Ghana, Too, Jordin

The American Idol winner shows some love for the African nation on Fuse’s The Sauce. Who wants to bet this chick can’t find Ghana on a map? I know I couldn’t. Well, maybe...