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Jordin Sparks

Green Carpet Fashion at the Teen Choice Awards

It’s red carpet time! Or, I guess in this case, it’s green carpet time. Young Hollywood turned out in droves for Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards. I don’t know who won what award because I’m not a teen, and it’s not my choice. I chose to watch football. But I do enjoy seeing who wore what to the awards...

Virginal Love Is in the Air!

Jordin Sparks took in a Lakers game last night with her boyfriend, “singer” Steph Jones. I took twenty seconds out of my day to listen to some of his stuff on his MySpace page, and, IMHO, it’s totally unexceptional and amateurish. There’s a reason I hadn’t heard about him before now. Jordin famously took Russell...

Rough Life

I spent Sunday sledding on a freeway exit and searching for a cell phone in two feet of snow with a metal detector, but Jordin Sparks? Arrived in Perth, Australia, where the sun shines as brightly as her virginity. Personally, I’d rather be covered in snow and, on occasion, semen.

Lookin’ Good!

I’m still a little bitter with her for announcing at the VMAs that anyone who doesn’t wear a promise ring is a slut, but, still. Jordin Sparks actually was looking quite good at this Avon charity event in NYC. It’s amazing what a team of stylists can do, isn’t it?