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Jordan Sparks

Um, How Did I Not Notice That Jordin Sparks is Way Hot?

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Is it because she’s legal now (she is legal, isn’t she? I’m not a complete letch for posting these photos am I)? Is it because she’s finally exposed her body, and quit hiding behind yards and yards of fabric? I don’t really know. She’s always been pretty gorgeous, but I never really thought of her as ‘hot.’ I have a feeling we’re gonna need to watch this one, ’cause now that she’s got the confidence (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and call it confidence for now) to be posting photos like this on her Twitter page, then we better be prepared.

Just be a good little girl, Jordin, and keep the clothes on, OK?

It’s Fashion Week Again

Yep. It’s that time of the year yet again. The stars didn’t come out for the first day like we’d hope, but lots and lots of C-list types made it out to the tents. Here’s a question for you guys: Is something about the clothes in all of these photos very “1992″ to you? I feel like that’s where we’re at, fashion wise. 1992. The colors, the cuts of the jackets. Half of these women look like they’re wearing updated versions of costumes from Lifetime Original movies.