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Jonathan Jaxson

The Kardashians Get Even More Bad Publicity

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From Amy Grindhouse:

Last night, [Jonathan] Jaxson went on Twitter and live-tweeted his suicide attempt. He failed, thankfully: ‘These chest pains worry me…all as I sit here looking at a bottle of round objects. It is too much anymore and tonight I was bullied! I feel like going to a better place then [sic] here on Earth right now. One is trying to destroy my life and I won’t ever win. Suicide I would never promote, but it is me against money and elite and I will never ever ever win… This is no hacker…It is me.’ He blamed the Kardashians for using their money and lawyers to intimidate him into keeping quiet. Since, you know, she’s threatening to sue for calling her a famewhore. Soon after, a friend went on Jaxson’s feed to say: ‘Hey everyone. This is Jons BF and I just am getting here. He left all this up. Medical personal [sic] are here and are taking him now. Thank you… Thank you for getting the police to his house. It was because of you they said. So thank you! I must go now to the hospital.’ also reports Jaxson posted a YouTube video of himself crying, talking about being bulled by her and her lawyers. The original video and his Twitter have since been deleted.

The aforementioned Jonathan Jaxson was Kim‘s publicist from 2007-2009 who recently came forward and brought various private emails, ostentatious contracts, and the fake, recycled engagement ring to the rapt attention of the public.

But wait. OK. Live-Tweeting your “suicide attempt” is probably a little bit more than just your standard cry for help, and I think this guy’s got (and had) a lot more problems than he’s letting on – even bigger problems than keeping up with the Kardashians – but I could also totally see where the Kardashian/Jenner family would do everything in their power to keep their little cash cow from entering the light, exposed for the cheap little bovine that she really is. Everything, up to and including malicious threats and bullying. Classy, huh?