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Jon And Kate Plus Eight

Gosselins’ Separate Vacations A Sign of Things to Come?

Kate Gosselin

This week Kate Gosselin and the sextuplets vacationed in Wilmington, North Carolina, swimming and playing on the beach under the watchfull eye of body guard and alleged side piece Steve Neild.

Meanwhile, Jon and the two older girls hung out 500 miles away, back home in Reading, PA. The trio rode ATVs, ate dinner, and went to see the Pixar flick Up. These separate vacations may be a good indication of things to come as the Gosselin family adjusts to family life in a household with separated parents.

TLC stirred up a little controversy surrounding the show this week when an affiliated production company posted a casting call on Craigslist:

“TLC is now looking for NY, NJ, and CT families who are expecting twins, triplets, or more! We would capture the birth of the babies and witness their amazing first breath, first cry, and all the emotions that go along with such an incredible occasion. TLC will be there as you leave the hospital and adjust to your first few days at home as a family.”

The post has since been taken down, but with the Gosselin marriage obviously drawing its final breaths, is TLC looking for a Jon and Kate replacement family? Should they be?

Jon & Kate Plus Child Labor Investigators


The State of Pennsylvania is investigating the Gosselins after receiving a complaint that the couple are violating the state’s child labor laws.

“I can confirm that our bureau of labor law compliance is conducting an investigation as they do whenever they receive a charge,” said Christopher Manlove, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

Manlove would not say who filed the complaint, when it was filed or what the exact allegations are. “Because the case is ongoing I can’t discuss the content of the investigation,” he said.

In response to the investigation, TLC released a statement Friday saying, “TLC fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations.  Jon and Kate + 8 is no exception.  For an extended period of time, we have been engaged in cooperative discussions and supplied all requested information to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.  We will continue to engage the appropriate officials and meet any standards or regulations that are applicable to TLC productions.”

The department is required to investigate every complaint that is filed, regardless of its apparent legitimacy.

I wonder who filed the complaint? Earlier in the week Aunti Jodi and Uncle Kevin told the Early Show that they thought the children were being “exploited” and “viewed as a commodity”.


What Did You Think Of The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere?


I fully admit I was never a faithful Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewer.  I had seen a couple episodes and had quickly determined that Kate was a controlling wench of a wife.  This weekend there was a Jon & Kate marathon on TLC.  I obviously couldn’t watch all of it because I do have kids of my own that need attention, but I did watch a lot of episodes and feel like I have a better picture of the Gosselin family.  Oh, and I still think Kate is a controlling wench of a wife.

I don’t understand why people talking about the decline of the Gosselin marriage.  In every episode I saw, no matter what season, Jon looked miserable, stoned and completely checked out.  He never got a word in edgewise and on the rare occasion that he was allowed to articulate a thought, Kate would edit what he was saying and reinterpret it in her own words. 

So what did you think of last night’s premiere?  First of all, I don’t know why Jon and Kate didn’t come out and say that they are separated — they so obviously are.  Jon Gosselin is done, outta there, so over it.  My guess is that they’ll keep up this “working on it” facade for this season and then that will be it for the show.  Of course I also fully expect Kate Gosselin to get a cooking show on Food Network — it’s the next logical career step for her.

Can we talk about Kate for a minute?  She strikes me as very manipulative and disingenuous.  In last night’s episode it seemed as if she was very intentionally trying to be more likable.  She laughed a lot, tried to be friendly with the other moms at the birthday party, was overly affectionate with her kids.  Clearly, she’s rallying public support.

I’m also wondering if anyone took a count of how many times the phrases “for the kids,” and “doing it on my own,” were uttered?  It’s tough being a single parent but “doing it on my own” doesn’t have quite the same impact when you are getting paid $65,000 an episode to basically do a craft with your kids on camera.  And it also doesn’t have quite the same impact when you have three hundred dollars of highlights and lowlights on your head.

Is there one J&K+8 fan out there willing to say that they believe the Gosselin’s will work through this strife and stay together?

Do I hear crickets?

Jon and Kate Plus Board Certified Marriage Counselor


If Jon, Kate, and TLC want to keep this money train rolling, they’re going to have to find a way to cull a few more seasons out of the debacle they call family life. Reports are surfacing that the two may be seeking marriage counseling in a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship, and that TLC might film the counseling sessions and use the footage in a new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

“The big question is whether they’ll allow cameras into their therapy sessions. TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to agree.”
Both Jon and Kate have denied having affairs, and family members have been urging them to seek professional help.

“But Kate didn’t want any kind of marriage counseling,” her brother Kevin Kreider told The ENQUIRER.

A source close to the couple added: “Jon was all for counseling, but Kate thought their marriage might be too far gone. She would do it for the sake of the children, if nothing else.”

But camera-loving Kate is also determined to wring two more seasons out of Jon & Kate, sources say.

“Kate wants a future in showbiz, and airing their counseling sessions will shoot the show’s ratings through the roof,” added the insider.

Now, let me mitigate these reports by pointing out that they’re coming from The Enquirer. But it seems plausible to me, especially given that all the other sensational rumors surrounding the Gosselins seem to have turned out to be true. This one is mundane and believable by comparison, although I question how you could have a legitimate counseling session while you’re trying to project an image of perfect family life with cameras recording your every word.

Don’t forget to take some time out from the John and Kate Plus 8 marathon TLC has been airing all weekend to char some meat and veggies over a combustible heat source and spend some quality time with you own family. The season premiere airs tomorrow night at 9/8 central and I am inexplicably looking forward to it.

Jon Gosselin’s Friend Called “Babe” Speaks Out


Deanna Hummer Hummel, the twenty-three year-old that was seen out with Jon & Kate Plus 8′s Jon Gosselin, spoke with People about that night and the misunderstandings regarding their friendship.

“We’re just friends,” Deanna Hummel, 23, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s absurd that anyone would think otherwise.”

According to Hummel, she met Gosselin through a mutual pal a couple of months ago. Since then, the two have been hanging out – as part of a group of friends, not as couple. The social outings have included visits to each other’s houses and nights out on the town, but always with others there, and it’s always all innocent, according to Hummel.

“We just talk and socialize, the normal things you do when you see friends,” says Hummel.

Hummel admits that the two did show up at Legends Bar in Reading, Pa., recently, but says a published photo of her driving Gosselin’s car has been misinterpreted. “He just got this new car and I wanted to drive it. I’m into cars,” she says. “We all have guy and girl friends. Because of who he is, it gets portrayed the wrong way, and it’s unfair to him and his family.”

She also adamantly denies that Gosselin called her “babe” while heading to his car. “He did not by any means call me ‘babe,’ ” she says. “Nobody calls me babe. That made me laugh.”

What she doesn’t find funny, though, is being linked to a married man. “He’s a very nice guy, don’t get me wrong. But he’s married with eight children,” says Hummel, who is single. She adds that Gosselin “has a great family life. I would never ever think to pursue anything.”

I’m sure this chick is just trying to protect herself from Kate Gosselin.  Because when she tracks down this Deanna girl, she’s going to assault her with the sharp end of a Swiffer.

I can’t help but think that if the test drive story were truly that innocent, why would you continue to be talking about it weeks after the fact?  The lady doth protest too much, methinks.  And before you think I’m getting all Chris Martin on you, that’s Shakespeare, dudes.

MORE Rumors of Jon Gosselin Cheating!!!

Jon Gosselin Drunk at a Bar and Cheating on Kate Pictures Photos

This marriage is totally done for. I called it like a year ago. Someone better hurry up and option the rights to Jon Minus Nine, because it’s happening any day now.

After Jon Gosselin was spotted leaving a night club drunk, wedding ring-less and calling a non-Kate woman “babe,” National Enquirer is running a story about yet another cheating scandal:

In what could be the kiss of death for his family show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin was caught kissing a beautiful young brunette at a motel hideaway, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The celebrated TV dad was spotted by a security guard April 18 at a motel only a short distance from his 26-acre Pennsylvania estate.

David Reitnauer told The ENQUIRER he saw Jon kissing the woman at the top of a side entrance stairwell on the second floor at the America’s Best Value Inn.

“It didn’t look like a friendly kiss. It looked like a romantic one – it lasted for about 10 seconds,” disclosed the guard.

Now, listen. I feel just awful for the kids involved here. I love every last one of them, and I love Kate for being a good mother to them. (Yes, that’s right, I said it. I think Kate Gosselin is a good mother.) But she is absolutely the wife from HELL. I cannot imagine being married to that woman; it would be worse than the part of dating Hef where you have to put his penis inside you. I cringe for Jon when I see her on TV, ripping out his balls for the entire country to watch. I don’t blame him one bit for wanting to get away from her. It just sucks that there are SO MANY kids involved. I’m sure Kate’s learning a very important lesson right now about letting go of control and letting life unfold as it may — it’s just sad that the kids have to learn it this way, too.