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Johnny Weir

Listen To This: Johnny Weir Tells All On Howard Stern

Make sure you click through and listen to this interview before they take it down because it is gooooooodddd.

Everyone knows that Howard Stern is to sex stories as Barbara Walters is to tears, and you can only imagine the kind of details he managed to twist out of figure skater and fashion icon Johnny Weir.

Out of all of the dirt that Johnny gave up though, perhaps the most interesting tidbits were in regard to how litter the skater made last year. He said that in 2010 he pulled in a mere $500,000, a considerable amount if you’re an average Joe, but practically nothing if you’re an Olympic athlete. He also admitted that he thought his Olympic scores were so low because of the age gap between himself and the judges, as well as the fact that he’s considered to be pretty flamboyant by most. However, it was the combination of youth and flamboyancy that scored him his own show, Be Good Johnny Weir.

Click through and discuss some of your favorite moments from the interview in the comments. Anything you were particularly pleased and/or shocked to hear?

Johnny Weir Is Talented, Adorable, And Hopefully A Dancer

A photo of Johnny Weir

You guys know about Johnny Weir, right?  He’s the best figure skater, if you didn’t know.  Now that you do, please join with me in rejoicing the fact that he wants to be on Dancing With The Stars.

“I hope [I’m going to do Dancing With the Stars]. I met Karina Smirnoff a few weeks ago and she was like, ‘Johnny, you are the perfect height for me. Let’s dance.’ So … it’s on. I’ve chosen my partner, I’m ready.”

Did you hear that, whoever is in charge of selecting contestants for Dancing With The Stars?  Get on that.  Because of course it’s amusing and sometimes endearing when people like Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin do it, but Johnny Weir would tear the fucking floor up.  He’d be all “you want me to do this tango shit?  Did you see the Winter Olympics?”