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Jeremy London

Jeremy London Wanted for Questioning

Photo: Jeremy London on October 21, 2010

Jeremy London—not to be confused with twin brother Jason London, which I’m sure Jason loves—has had his share of legal qualms in the past. London’s addiction problems have been preeeetty well documented; a year and a half ago, he and his estranged wife both (?!) lost custody of their son, Lyrik.

I’m not sure this new wrinkle is altogether related, but here goes, anyway: Jeremy London is sought for questioning in Palm Springs, California, due to a domestic squabble. Yesterday morning, London’s girlfriend called police after a “verbal altercation over custody of the couple’s child became violent,” the Huffington Post reports. London’s lawyer, Catherine Lombardo, says the girlfriend fabricated the story.

And that’s it; that’s all. That’s all we know so far.

I have a little soft spot for Jeremy London. It’s definitely my nostalgia talkin’, but I love his clueless-in-love, flannel-clad role as T.S. in Mallrats. And remember the time London claimed he was carjacked, abducted, and forced to smoke meth all night? Yeah, turns out that was totally true—a detective testified that kidnapper Brandon Adams had confessed to holding London against his will, and Adams was convicted of the crime.

Get better soon, Jeremy.

UPDATE: OK, this makes a lot more sense. Radar is now reporting that the phone call came from none other than Jeremy London’s ex-wife, Melissa Cunningham. This conflicts with the earlier report that some random new girlfriend had phoned Palm Springs police. Also, Cunningham’s hand was injured in the fray. Her hand.

OK, Some Seriously Sad Shit is Going Down With That Fatty From Party of Five

Jeremy London and Wife Melissa Lose Custody of Their Son Lryic

Last week I reported that Jeremy London, who recently announced his battle with cheating and drug addiction, was the victim of the most hilarious kidnapping since Frank Sinatra, Jr. Well, shit just got a lot worse. Like, way worse. As in, Jeremy and his wife Melissa have lost custody of their son, Lyric.

Turns out that Jeremy isn’t the only drug addict in the family. After Melissa underwent surgery last year, she became addicted to popping pills. That probably has something to do with why she crashed her car into a 7-11 last week while her son was in the backseat, huh?

And according to RadarOnline, these two have been having serious issues for quite some time now:

And domestic violence between Jeremy and Melissa contributed to their previous problems but both are working to get custody of their son back.

Jeremy and Melissa’s contentious relationship is played out against the reality that they both have very little money. She is renting a room in a house in Palm Springs, learned.

After she rented the room and told people she was estranged from Jeremy, he began showing up and hanging out.

One source who has seen Jeremy at the house asked him why he was hanging around if Melissa was his ex. Jeremy said: “I’ve got to keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn’t relapse.”

But another source says Melissa has said: “I don’t have a problem. Jeremy has problems.”

The couple are going to have to submit regular clean urine samples before they get their son back any time soon. Let’s hope that they’re able to get help before this little boy’s adult years are filled with memories of his fucked up parents.

Jeremy London Claims He Was Kidnapped, Forced to Use Drugs

Jeremy London Got Kidnapped

I’m sorry, but for a story with such serious details, this is the most hilarious shit I have heard in a minute.

So Jeremy London, the fat dude from Party of Five who recently admitted to being a philandering drug addict, was apparently kidnapped on June 10th in Palm Springs. The “actor” was changing a flat tire on the side of the road, when a group of men approached him and offered to help. In return, Jeremy agreed to drive the guys home, and that’s when they held him at gunpoint.

Now this is the unbelievable part: Once Jeremy was “kidnapped”, the criminals used him as a taxi service and made him take them all over town to buy alcohol. He also claims that the kidnappers forced him to use drugs. What kind of kidnappers tell their victim to get out of their vehicle to buy them something (thus interacting with a store clerk or someone else who could help him make an escape) and then give him free drugs? These sound like the nicest and dumbest kidnappers ever.

While an arrest was made and the culprit was charged, this story sounds so ridiculously fake to me. What are the odds that someone who recently admitted to drug problems would get kidnapped and force to use drugs? Sounds to me like Jeremy was on a bender and needed to come up with something fast.

Jeremy London Admits His Drug Problem Ruined His Career And Marriage

Former Party of Five and 7th Heaven star Jeremy London has come clean about his battle to get clean. The twin brother of Jason London talked to People Magazine about how his prescription drug problem cost him everything, including his marriage.

London wed actress Melissa Cunningham in September 2006, and the couple welcomed their son Lyrik, now 3, soon thereafter. But he says that prescription pill abuse contributed to the demise of his marriage and career – and jeopardized his relationship with his son.

“There were times I didn’t care if I died,” he says. “I felt like I was losing everything.”

Currently going through a divorce and facing significant financial woes, London went to a rehabilitation center in September 2009 to face his drug abuse – and to prove that he can be a good father to his son, with whom he currently has twice-weekly visitation.

It’s brave for Jeremy to share his problem. Typically we only hear of addiction stories after it’s too late, but perhaps his story will help others.