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Jasmine Villegas

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Unfollowed Each Other on Twitter

I am not going to pretend for a second that I don’t care about this. Not for one hot second.

Last night I was getting pretty deep into Twitter (I’m snowed in back east at my parents’ house, OK?) and I noticed that the Bieliebers were Tweeting something about how Nick Jonas unfollowed Jasmine V. (Bieber’s ex) and then Jasmine unfollowed Selena and then Selena unfollowed Justin and then Justin unfollowed both Selena AND Jasmine (take a minute to let all that sink in if you need to).

Basically, something hella craycray went down with that whole circle of teen royalty and I’m dying to know what it is. I’ve consulted with my friends and we’re thinking it has something to do with the rumors about Justin hooking up with Miley Cyrus, but who knows? There’s so much room for deliciously inappropriate speculation here.

For those of you who’ve had better things to do than worry about this shit, Justin and Selena are almost probably definitely an item. I’m guessing that this massive unfollow party has something to do with them breaking up. One site tried to claim that the unfollows were an attempt to calm the relationship rumors, but all parties involved must have known that unfollowing is way more dramatic and eye-catching to die hard fans than just leaving things the way they are.

The comments, you guys. I know you’ve got things to say about all of this in the comments.

Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Put Out a Pretty Cute Single

When I found out that Justin Bieber was dating another pop singer, I expected her to be at least as lame as he is. Why would Justin Bieber ever risk not being the star in his own relationship, you know? I saw his MTV Diary. He came off like a sassy control freak, which is what one would expect. I can’t imagine he’d do well with a diva, which is clearly who this Jasmine V. character is. This is generous, but she sounds like a mini-Rihanna/Beyonce on her new single, “All These Boys”.

What do you guys think of the song?