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James McAvoy

Having Sex Is “A Nightmare” For James McAvoy

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James McAvoy may have some intimacy issues that need addressing, as I’ve never heard anyone  describe (consensual) sex as “a nightmare”. However, that’s exactly what he called it when asked how he feels about having to strip down and perform on camera for any of his film roles.

From Metro:

‘I mean, sex is a nightmare in real life until you meet the person you click with. When you’re pretending, multiply that anxiety by a thousand,’ said the 33-year-old.

‘You wake up in the morning and you’re like, “Oh no, I’ve got a spot on my bum,” or you’re in the middle of a scene and you’re like, “Oh no, is my breath weird?” or, “Oh, no. She’s nice but does she think I’m trying to cop a feel? But I’m really not, I’m just trying to do my job.”

James is married and has two kids, so presumably he’s over that phase, but I’m about to let my inner prude shine when I say… why would you have sex with someone you DIDN’T click with? I guess that’s what young people do, but since I never went through that phase, I just don’t get it. It’s only awkward – or “a nightmare” – if you put yourself into a situation that you know you don’t want to and shouldn’t be in, anyway.

As for having to have fake sex in front of cast and crew members… forget it. That IS my idea of a nightmare. I think if I was ever an actress, I’d have to have my agent filter out any scripts that were above PG-13.