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Ina Garten

The Barefoot Contessa Shatters a Little Boy’s Dream

photo of the barefoot contessa ina garten pictures

I know that on our website, we should be sticking to discussing people of importance, and a lot of you probably don’t know who Ina Garten is, but I’m here to tell you: she’s a cook on a cooking show and she’s a bitch. A straight-up, heartless bitch whose recipes really AREN’T EVEN THAT GOOD.

Garten, or the ‘Barefoot Contessa,’ was recently approached by a little boy at the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  The little boy, Enzo, is six years old and dying from leukemia. His one wish? To cook with Garten, as the little boy used to watch her show religiously while resting in bed with his mama after invasive medical treatments. The foundation approached the woman last year about the boy’s wish, and her team of handlers responded ‘no,’ because she was too tied up with a book tour. The boy, crushed, claimed that even though he was disappointed, he’d wait until she was free.

By a lucky chain of events, the little boy, Enzo, is alive a year later. Fast-forward to current time: MaW’s people approach Ina Garten once again, and this time her people come forward and simply say ‘No – a definite no,’ claiming that there’s just not enough time in the day.

First of all, she’s the FUCKING BAREFOOT CONTESSA.  HOW BUSY could she possibly be?  I had to Google this bitch’s real name so that I could refer to her properly. Second, she’s gonna turn down a little boy’s dying wish? How could someone be so heartless?

The little boy has since changed his wish, and will be swimming with dolphins in the coming months instead.

Fail, Barefoot Contessa.  I’ll stick to idolizing real chefs, thanks.