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Heidi Klum

Who Didn’t Know That We Were Eventually Going To See Seal and Heidi Klum Doing ‘It’, Basically?

What you are looking at is a still from Seal’s new music video, featuring his model wife, Heidi Klum. No, it’s not from a sex tape, but if I told you it was, I’m sure you’d believe me. Heidi and Seal are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples because it’s so obvious that the two of them can’t keep their hands off of each other. Heidi’s been pregnant since she met the dude and there was also that confession she made on Oprah where she said the first thing she noticed about her man was the huge bulge in his Speedo.

So, yeah. Check this out, ya perverts:

The Most Perfect Family Ever Goes To an Amusement Park

If there’s any celebrity couple that I worship, it’s probably gotta be Heidi Klum and Seal. They just seem like the sweetest, coolest, most down-to-Earth family folks I’ve ever seen. Remember when they were on Oprah a couple years ago and Heidi revealed that what initially attracted her to her husband was the huge bulge in his pants? That’s so real, you guys. These two love each other, and if the fact that Heidi could barely stay un-pregnant for the first few years they were married wasn’t enough to tell you that, then just look at how normal and happy they look together in these photos St. Tropez yesterday.

Every Celebrity Known to Man Was in NYC Yesterday

And I’ve got a myriad of photos to prove it!

Well, OK. No, not every celebrity known to man, but a bunch that allowed themselves to be photographed. I mean, it is New York City after all, right?

Holy Heidi Klum Body!

photo of heidi klum posing almost-nude for german GQ

So, the supermodel-turned-Seal’s-wife-turned-mom of four is taking off her clothes again: this time, for the German edition of GQ.

Klum strips down to her bareness for the July issue of GQ and reportedly impresses the photographers with her insane body contortions and, uh, almost-impossible flexibility. She looks great, and continues to look classy for days. The only negative comment I can bestow upon her, really, is the hair. … I’m just not digging the bangs, Heidi. They do you no justice and they hide your gorgeous face. OK? Let’s not have to have this conversation again, thanks.

Check out photos of Heidi in the gallery and keep it pure; she’s a MILF mom, don’t you know.

Don’t Come Between a Man With a Beautiful Voice and His Pinkberry

We all sneak snacks in to movies, right? Sure, technically it’s against the rules, but it should be against the law for them to charge you four dollars for a bag of Sour Patch Kids, right? It’s a fairly common practice. However, today Seal and his wife Heidi Klum are making headlines over Seal’s reluctance to give up his Pinkberry at the doors of a Los Angeles theater.

The story goes like this: Seal and Heidi roll up to an AMC in Burbank, and Seal has a big container of Pinkberry that he’s been waiting to enjoy during his movie. He was nabbed by the theater managers on the way in who told him that he’d have to finish his snack outside the theater. Seal lost it, and an eye witness says he was acting like he owned the place as he berated the manager and finished his frozen yogurt.

Any report I’ve ever heard about Seal and Heidi says they are two of the nicest people imaginable. Sure, the theater manager was just doing his job, but I think Seal was just trying to comprehend why he paid twelve dollars to see a movie and the theater’s not accommodating him. I feel that way every single time I go to the movies! I’m with Seal on this one. Screw your rules, movie theaters! In this economy, no one can afford your snacks.

Ummm. Did You Know Seal Has a Last Name? And Now It’s Heidi’s Last Name, Too?

This news officially broke on Friday, but I think it’s still worth a mention: Seal has a last name and Heidi Klum has legally filed to take it.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t deliver the news in the order that it registers in my brain. Let’s try again: Heidi Klum, who has been hitched to the singer known only as “Seal” for over four years has never officially taken his last name. Now, I would assume that the delay in taking her hubby’s name was due to the fact that she didn’t even realize he has one (he does. It’s Samuel.), but Heidi claimed on her paperwork that there was only one reason she was changing her name: “Marriage.”

Perhaps she didn’t want to get all personal on her public court documents, but I’m thinking that her legally taking on his last name has to do with a few things: a renewed commitment to their marriage, a celebration of their newest child, and hell, maybe there’s even something having to do with a joint checking account involved.

Heidi’s rep did not comment on whether or not the model would be taking on “Samuel” as her professional name as well, but I’m guessing she’s going to stick with Klum when it comes down to the Project Runway credits.

They Can’t Dress Up as Themselves

Gwen Stefani, Zuma Rossdale, Gavin Rossdale, Kingston Rossdale - Halloween 2009

Considering that a lot of non-famous people probably dressed up like them last night, it’s interesting to see what celebs chose to be for Halloween. I love that Gwen Stefani wasn’t afraid to don a head to toe Jessie (from Toy Story 2) costume to take her kids out trick-or-treating. Gavin gets negative points for taking himself too seriously and not wearing a costume.

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis and his son both dressed as Eddie Munster while Christina Aguilera and son Max went out as a pair of skeletons. James Gandolfini and designer Christian Siriano both looked unintentionally creepy– one because he was wearing a Homer Simpson mask with the eyes cut out, the other because… well… you’ll see.