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Haylie Duff

Hilary Duff’s Mom Goes Crazy on Some Paparazzi

Mom’s will never stop embarrassing you. Even when they’re trying to protect you, they can be so embarrassing that you just want to curl up and die. Long after you’ve matured past whatever it was that made you hate your parents when you are a teenager, when you least expect it, some crazy side of them that you haven’t seen since you were in high school will come out and all of a sudden you’ll find yourself back in that place where you’re saying, “God, you are so humiliating, mom. How do you even live with yourself?”

And that’s all I could think about as I watched Haylie Duff witnessing her mother lose her shit on some paparazzi who were trying to get a shot of the actress on her birthday. And like, this is what the mom does for Haylie, the less desirable child. I bet she’d draw blood for Hilary.

So in Love!


Haylie Duff takes in a movie in LA with her boyfriend, Nick “Z-list” Zano. Does the name ring a bell? He used to be the one true love of Kristin Cavallari — who had his initials tattooed on her wrist before she dumped him a couple years back.

Haylie Duff Got The Ashley Tisdale Special


Haylie Duff, which some of you know as the older sibling to Hilary and some of you know as the famous girl who doesn’t actually do anything, obviously had plastic surgery.  She had her nose modified and upturned and had her chin reduced.  No word on if she had her sister’s coattails surgically removed from her firm grasp at the same time.