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Halie Jade Mathers

Want to Follow Eminem’s Daughter on Twitter?

Well, you can’t. You could have followed a fake Halie Jade Mathers, who was working under the handle @Angry_Blonde, up until yesterday, but the account has been taken down and been revealed as a hoax.

What was there was pretty good, though: Attractive photos of a teenage girl, and some pretty philosophical and interesting Tweets (“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. Ironically, in reality, things are being loved & people are being used.”) that I wish could have come from the mind of the real Halie, who is a high school cheerleader and pretty much off the radar all together.

Below is a gallery of the fake Halie Jade and see a photo of the real Halie Jade at the end, who (unfortunately) is the spitting image of her mother Kim.

And BTW, while we’re on the subject, I really respect that Eminem has seemingly worked hard to keep his daughter out of the spotlight. I get the vibe that she’s very much a normal high school student who isn’t overly influenced by her father’s wealth and fame. Who would have thought that the little girl whose father rapped about going on murdering sprees would look like the girl from the trailer park next door?