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Say it ain’t so! Gordon Ramsay is done with ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

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Looks like we’ll have to start getting our weekly doses of culinary profanity elsewhere soon, because Gordon Ramsay is hanging up his chef’s hat on Kitchen Nightmares. He announced the decision on his website on Monday.

As filming comes to a close on the latest series of Kitchen Nightmares I’ve decided to stop making the show.

I’m currently filming 4 new episodes, Costa Del Nightmares, for Channel 4 which will be my last. I’ve had a phenomenal 10 years making 123 episodes, 12 seasons, shot across 2 continents, watched by tens of millions of people and sold to over 150 countries. It’s been a blast but it’s time to call it a day.

Starting in 2004 this was the show that really propelled my TV career and I’m very grateful for the amazing team behind the series and for the support from the viewers for almost over a decade! From the first episode which aired in April 2004 with over 5 million viewers we’re now 12 seasons later and it’s been an amazing journey. In 2007 we took the show to America on Fox and they’ve just finished airing series 7 this summer. During this time I’ve visited over 100 restaurants, meeting and trying to help or in some cases failing to help, some of the most weird and wonderful people. Of course Amy’s Baking Company is a standout along with Bonaparte’s but there were good times too; the lovely sisters at La Galleria and Momma Cherri’s to name but two.

I’d like to thank you all for being so supportive. I’m glad I’ve been able to entertain and hopefully help a few people along the way. It’s sad to say goodbye to Kitchen Nightmares but I’ll be continuing with my other shows. It’s been memorable!  Thank you for watching.

I suppose this isn’t all that surprising, actually. I’ve read interviews with him before where he’s admitted that the persona he’s had to adopt to make things more interesting for TV – particularly American TV – is not really him at all. He doesn’t actually use “fuck” five times in a sentence, he’s not quite as rude, etc. Sure, his personality partly shines through and there’s a sliver of truth there, but it’s all highly exaggerated for entertainment purposes. He’s actually apparently a pretty decent guy.

I’ve never really watched Kitchen Nightmares much (save for the infamous Amy’s Bakery episode), so I’m not all that bothered. As long as Masterchef Junior comes back, I’m good.

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Kanye West Hired Gordon Ramsay?

Kanye with Jay-Z on August 1 in NYC

Our baby is growing up! If rumors are true, Kanye West has hired Gordon Ramsay to teach him how to cook. (Kanye reportedly wants to impress his entourage in the kitchen.)

Please, please let this really happen. They’re my two favorite hotheads!

How the first cooking lesson will go, probably:

Gordon: Hello?

Kanye: Yo, dawg, I heard you like fresh herbs in your casserole, so I started a garden on my windowsill.

Gordon: Oh, for F—-’s sake.

Kanye: Hang on, I think I forgot the casserole in the oven. *puts on a tall chef’s hat*

I Need Some Television, People.

God, there is hardly anything on television during the summer and I’m losing my mind over it.  How do I fill my hours each evening?  Will I have to resort to … reading? 

The Television Editor over at Boston Now (as well as the author of a great column titled “Two Tivos to Paradise”) pretty much keeps me up to date on what summer shows premiere and when.  It’s pretty helpful, since I don’t know how to work my program guide or my DVR.  

Speaking of summer shows, I do have one favorite returning on July 21st — Hell’s Kitchen Season 6.  See video above of ex-Marine Joseph asking Gordon Ramsay if he wants to step outside.  I hope Gordon shoves a John Dory up this guy’s rectum.

Unfortunately, reality television will never be what it was when it was just a novelty.  Back then, people just were themselves, but then came the Omarosas of the world and now everyone secures an agent before they appear on these shows. 

Anyway, that’s enough for today.  I’m off to read.  Or … needlepoint.  Gag.