Today's Evil Beet Gossip
Gina Gershon

Repeat Offender!

What is Gina Gershon thinking??? It was nearly a full year ago that I reprimanded her for wearing this god-awful dress to a red-carpet event. And now she’s in it again! On ANOTHER red carpet! With a COWBOY HAT! A freakin’ YEAR LATER!!! Oh, Gina. Will you never learn? This is such a faux-pas on so many levels.

What Is Gina Gerson Wearing?

It’s funny that her picture should show up today, because some cable channel out here has been playing Showgirls like all day for the past two days, and my roommates and I keep finding ourselves watching it in much the same way you might watch a train wreck. What were they thinking when they made that movie? Was the director sitting there...