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Garth Brooks

Britney Got Her Ass Kicked By Garth Brooks


Britney Spears is having a tough time selling Britney Jean, y’all. According to Billboard, it’s her lowest debut ever, moving only 107,000. By comparison, her last album, Femme Fatale, moved 276,000. She landed at #4.

And guess who is in #1? Garth Freaking Brooks.

jumanji what year is it meme

Seriously, did we time travel? Garth kicked Britney’s ass, and is, according to Billboard, “is tied for the most No. 1 albums with the Rolling Stones and Barbra Streisand, with nine each. Ahead of them on the all-time most-No. 1s list are Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen (both with 10 No. 1s), Jay Z (13) and the Beatles (19).”

Guess we can’t expect a huge viewing for her docuseries. Let’s hope her massive Vegas residency fares a lot better or Britney Jean is Britney Flops. (Sorry, that wasn’t even a clever pun. I couldn’t think of something funny that started with “J”. Go for it!)

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Garth Brooks is Asking an Oklahoma Hospital to Give His Donation Back

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks made a half a million dollar donation to a hospital in his hometown last year with the understanding that the building would be named for his mother who passed away back in 1999. The building got built, but Garth’s beloved mother wasn’t made the namesake, so now he wants his money back.

From ONTD:

It’s all over a deal Garth claims he made with Integris Canadian Valley Regional hospital in Yukon, Oklahoma about four years ago. In his lawsuit, filed in state court in Oklahoma, Garth claims his donation was supposed to go towards a new hospital building that would be named after his mother Colleen — who died from cancer in 1999.

But the building never got built — despite a $27 million renovation and expansion project last year — and Garth wants his money back claiming the hospital breached the donation contract.

The hospital claims it’s all a giant misunderstanding and hopes the dispute will reach a “swift and amicable end.”

My first inclination is to say “Let it go, Garth. Half a mil is nothing to you and you’re asking for a hospital to give you back your money. Just move on.” But then I thought about how expensive hospitals are and that they are very much a real business. If the paperwork holds up, Garth is right to ask for his money back.