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Gabe Saporta

Don’t Worry, Gabe Saporta Is Still Pretty Awesome

Gabe Saporta, lead singer of the spectacular band Cobra Starship, has recently gotten some heat from his behavior at a concert (see above video, then go ahead and keep watching for “Snakes on a Plane”).  In the video, he attacks a heckler, beginning the conversation with “Yo, fat boy giving me the finger, what’s your problem?” and he ends it with “go the fuck home, go look at pictures of your mom and jack off,” and he says all kinds of things in between.

Saporta defends his actions in his blog, where he wrote

It’s also insane to me that people can expect an artist to not be prone to the same fluctuations in emotion and mood that everyone else succumbs to. Having different emotions is what makes us human. And just because I’m on stage, doesn’t mean that I’m not a person. I am not better than anyone, and I am thus susceptible to the same emotional volatility that anybody else is (arguably, even more so). I never go on stage and put on an act; I go on stage, lose all my inhibitions, and become who I am.

And I don’t know why this seems like it’s a news flash to anyone, but ummm…. I’m not exactly the most peaceful guy in the world, for better or for worse.

I always speak my mind, and I have a sharp tongue. I’m full of love and gratitude for my brothers and sisters who support us and save us from having to work shitty jobs in order to do what we love (music). But I also have no place in my heart for dudes who only want to tear us down and hurt the thing we work hardest towards everyday with all our hearts.

He goes on to acknowledge that he “acted like an asshole,” but that he’s not sorry.

I love Cobra Starship.  So, so much.  And when I first heard about the video and when I watched it, I was a little upset, but after reading Gabe’s blog entry and considering it, I’m not so upset anymore.  We can’t see what the guy was doing in the audience, but it was obviously enough to catch attention from on stage, so it can’t have been too mild.  And regardless of rather Gabe’s actions were right or wrong, they’re not surprising – with lyrics like “I’m not street but I do what I gotta do” and song titles like “I May Be Rude But I’m the Truth,” you kind of know what you’re getting into.

What do you guys think?  Is Gabe Saporta a total douchebag or what?  Do you guys even like Cobra Starship?

Jenna Elfman Is Physically Threatening Me with Her Womb

I got scared when I saw this photo of Jenna Elfman on the People’s Choice Awards red carpet. Don’t get me wrong, human pregnancy is a wonderful, beautiful thing … that scares the beejezus out of me. This photo screams the word “ADOPT.” Why do pregnant women have to look so distended? I look at this and it just doesn’t seem healthy. That’s okay. There are little orphans in Russia who will need my parenting one day. I think adopting is better anyway, especially from a foreign country. When you conceive and birth a child vaginally, she can be all like “You brought me into this world and so now you have to deal with my temper tantrums and my methamphetamine use and my late-night car sex with my much older, bearded, creepy boyfriend.” When they’re adopted you can always just be like, “Would you rather be in a Russian orphanage than inside doing your math homework? Someone would probably be raping you right now. Bet you wouldn’t be so fond of the creepy beard then. ”

Also, Cobra Starship has a gang sign. I know this because lead singer Gabe Saporta flashed it on the red carpet. Get it? One hand is the cobra and the other hand is the starship. Um, Evil Beet needs a gang sign you guys, like, ASAP. If you have ideas, email me the photo of you flashing it. We’re coming up with something.

Oh, Hayley Williams of Paramore. I think you’re one of the most talented young musicians coming up right now, but I cannot wait until you outgrow the “I need to be weird to be cool” phase. You’re a pretty girl. Stop un-doing that.

And Katie Cassidy. I understand that I’m supposed to hate you. I do not. I look forward to your red carpet photos and always think you’re beautiful and well-dressed. I hate myself a little for that, but it’s true. Plus you’re rocking the over-the-shoulder side braid that practically brought me to tears of joy on Rachel McAdams. I wear my hair like that all the time now. I’m wearing it like that in my new Facebook photo. I just wish it were longer so it could look that beautiful! (Do they do clip-in side braids?)

A billion other photos from the red carpet are in the gallery below. The Glee kids were there, which makes me happy. I don’t know who won. I don’t especially care. Maybe Molly will come on later and tell you, and maybe she won’t. I don’t expect many of you care, and everyone on Twitter said the actual awards show sucked. It’s all about the dresses, baby! (And the gang signs.)

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Care Who You Are, You Ain’t Taking Her Photo Up in Da Club

Lindsay Lohan bans club photography

Lindsay Lohan may be out and drinking, but there’s a reason we’re seeing less and less photographic evidence of it. Turns out her bodyguards are officially on photo deletion duty and it doesn’t matter if you’re just some bridge and tunnel nobody or a peer of some sort: if you take a picture of Lohan without her permission on private property, she will have you man handled.

Today the NY Post is reporting that Gabe Saporta, that guy from that band that Pete Wentz got tattooed on his leg, was recently DJing at an NYC club where he was partying with Lindsay and her brother, Michael Jr. Apparently Gabe got a little bit ahead of himself because he grabbed a picture of Lohan on his BlackBerry and moments later had the device taken by her security. All photos were deleted in the phone before it was returned to the humbled DJ.

I guess this policy makes sense, but it woulda been great had they gotten on top of that say, back in 2002 when actual reputations could have been saved?