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Original Futurama Cast Reaches Agreement with Fox

Futurama 2008 Comic-Con Panel

And now, some news that does not suck.

The entire voice cast of Futurama has just signed a new contract with Fox!

After weeks of stalled negotiations, Fox had announced that they would be replacing all the voice actors with a new cast. Much weeping, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth ensued.

But the studio and the actors managed to reach a compromise agreement on Friday that would see the studio paying a bit more and the actors accepting a bit less.

Creators Groening and David X. Cohen  released a joint statment saying, “We are thrilled to have our incredible cast back. The call has already gone out to the animators to put the mouths back on the characters.”

I hereby release Fox from all contractual obligations to bite my shiny metal ass.