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Paging Ari Gold

With Britney Spears safely in rehab, there’s room for a new superstar in Hollywood, and this guy knows it. He’s started the website, a blog dedicated to attracting the attention of fictitious Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold. Googling the term “Ari Gold” produces a sponsored link to his website (although I discovered it while googling Kevin Connolly, so it appears he’s branching out). The site has three entries, two of which include his video pleas to Ari and his assistant, Lloyd. I’m fairly certain this guy is joking, in which case it’s fabulous (but subtle) humor. If he’s not joking, it’s even funnier. I’ve included the videos here.

The Insider Promo for Anna Nicole Smith Interview

Check out this promo for the interview The Insider recently did with Anna Nicole Smith. They had five cameras! And a senior producer! Anna does look amazing in these clips, and either she’s seriously polished up her acting chops or she really did open up to them, because the emotions look pretty raw. As the senior producer helpfully voices over, “she was still in pain.” Ms. Producer also takes note of the “unique bond” between Anna and her newborn baby. If you squint, it’s almost like the bond between a mother and her child.

Prep your TiVos, kids!

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