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Eve Plumb

Brady Bunch Dramz!!!

How have I not heard this story previously? Apparently The Today Show was going to a Brady Bunch reunion today, but it fell apart because Eve Plumb hates Maureen McCormick. Everyone’s reps are denying it like crazy, but here’s the email Radar got from Chris Knight’s rep:

“We only have speculation to go on, but to the best of my understanding, it falls on the aggressiveness of Today producers who are not used to getting a “No” for an answer + some major miscommunication between some reps. Eve never does Brady press, especially if Maureen is involved. This went on for decades, so she was never on board to begin with is what I understand.”

And the reason Eve hates Maureen? I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT THIS. While Maureen was plugging her stupid book a few years back, she said she’d had a lesbian love affair with Eve Plumb on the set. And now she’s all like “Oh, I was just joking, it was funny hahahahahaha” but back when this happened I remember very clearly that Maureen was dead serious about it and milking it for all the press in the world and it was an obvious and kind of gross and uncool tactic to use to sell a book.

My favorite part of this whole article? Something like 70% of the readers of this blog will have no idea who Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb or Chris Knight are, and possibly think the Brady Bunch was a boy band.