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Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood Loves Justin Bieber And Making Out With Ryan Gosling

A photo of Evan Rachel Wood

It’s really starting to scare me, the growing appreciation that I have for Evan Rachel Wood. It just seems like yesterday when I would see pictures of her with Marilyn Manson and gag, but now, I think she’s pretty majestic. Oh, do you want more proof?

Here are some quotes from a recent interview with Marie Claire:

On loving Justin Bieber: “I saw the movie [Never Say Never], and that’s what did it. I ended up seeing it three times — in the theaters. One of those times was the director’s cut, I’m not even kidding. I got obsessed with the kid. It’s going to be weird if I ever meet him. He’s brought so much joy to my life.”

On making out with Ryan Gosling in Ides of March: “Yeah, it was awesome. We had fun. Ryan’s amazing because he has this way about him that’s incredibly attractive, not just in a sexy way but he’s smart, he’s cool, he’s talented, he’s really creative, and he has this mysterious quality to him that drives people crazy. So yeah, it wasn’t a hard day at work.”

On what she called Marilyn Manson: “No, I called him Manson. Or just Babe.”

On her engagement to Manson: “I am glad — for both of us. We both have a lot more growing to do. I don’t think it would’ve been right, but I am glad that we were engaged. I think we needed to make a statement to each other that it was legit. So that was good.”

On being bisexual: “Yeah, that’s a big part of who I am, and it always has been for as long as I can remember. I can’t say I’m one way or the other because I’ve honestly fallen in love with a man and I’ve honestly fallen in love with a woman. I don’t know how you label that, it’s just how it is.”

On having relationships with women: “I mean, it was terrifying at first. Not because I thought it was wrong but just because I was intimidated by women. It’s a totally different arena! The approach is completely different than it is with a man but I finally let myself say, “You’ve got to go for this. It’s in you and it’s not going away.” And it was wonderful.”

Is it just me, or has Evan here chilled out a lot? She seems to have grown up quite a bit here recently, and it really, really looks good on her.

Love It or Leave It: Evan Rachel Wood Is So Pretty

A photo of Evan Rachel Wood

Back in April, I made some pretty definitive statements about Evan Rachel Wood. I claimed that Marilyn Manson “ruined” her, which, to be fair, is a pretty easy conclusion to make. I also asserted that she needed to “shut her douchey mouth,” and again, these are just pictures, so that might still be the case. So really, I was never wrong, I just overlooked her potential to be incredibly gorgeous.

These are photos of Evan at the Venice Film Festival, and every single thing she’s doing right here is working wonders for me. How about you?

Evan Rachel Wood Goes from Goth to Rocker All in a Month

photo of evan rachel wood true blood short hair black leather jacket pictures photos

Remember those hot new photos of Evan Rachel Wood from when she first hacked off her hair? Well she’s gone and changed up a little bit more, leaving her Marilyn Manson-sympathizer clothing in a Hot Topic bargain bin and opted to raid Adam Lambert‘s leather and tight pants-infested closet.

I’ve never been a ERW fan, but as I said during the last round of publicity photos: she looks SO MUCH BETTER than she has in recent years. Love or hate the hair, you can’t deny that all of this – including leaving Manson behind for good this time (I hope) – isn’t a huge, huge improvement.

It sure beats seeing her nude, at any rate.

Love It or Leave It: Evan Rachel Wood Looks … Good

photo of evan rachel wood pictures photos short hair new do pics

I always considered ERW to be the Hollywood actress most unsure of who she was with regard to her personal style. There was nothing that really stood out about her for me – aside from that whole dating Marilyn Manson thing, taking bloody nude photos, and the way obvious Dita von Teese ripoff – but this? This is seriously the best she’s ever looked, and this hairstyle, hands down, is the one for her. She looks clean, she looks healthy, and above all, she’s MEMORABLE now.

Congrats, Evan – you’ve finally found your look! Stick to it, ’cause it’s definitely working well on you, girl.

Evan Rachel Wood Liked to Get Naked and Bloody for Marilyn Manson I Guess

photo of evan rachel wood marilyn manson boobs pictures photos

Just in case the word ‘crazy’ isn’t enough of a descriptor of what being in a relationship with Marilyn Manson is like, let these photos be indicative as to how nuts (or desperate to prove something to your mom) you have to be as a person romantically involved with the Manse.

A very blurry and, um, pointy Evan Rachel Wood is depicted in the NSFW photo gallery after the jump, and just as we were talking about how catatonic Lindsay Lohan’s ghostly dead nips are, Evan Rachel Wood’s are the opposite and are very … well, quite active.

Anyway, ALL nipples aside, can you just imagine the arguments between these two former lovebirds: ‘I’m artsy-noir.’ ‘NO BITCH, I’M artsy-noir.’ ‘Alright, well MY fake blood concoction is better than YOUR fake blood concoction.’ ‘SPAWN OF FUCK, I’ll SLICE you open from GROIN to GULLET with the medieval demon-slaying dagger that I’ve had surgically implanted in the shaft of my penis.’

Or, you know. Something.

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Marilyn Manson Ruined Evan Rachel Wood

A photo of Evan Rachel Wood in Esquire

For real though.  That old creeper Marilyn swooped in on poor impressionable Evan, and now she gives douchey interviews to magazines like Esquire. Tale as old as time.

I’m going to show you guys excerpts from the interview, and you let me know if it’s just me or if this girl seems off nowadays:

On her death: She’s already written a will, she says. And she’s made plans to have her ashes dispersed across the world, including in her native Raleigh — in a field next to the theater run by her father — and Paris’s Luxembourg Gardens, which she used to visit with her onetime boyfriend, the actor Jamie Bell. The song playing at her funeral will be Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

On her reputation: Wood must realize she has a reputation, and not merely for being among the most gifted actresses of her generation. “I don’t know!” she says, laughing. “I’m constantly changing, I’m constantly growing. I think I’m a little controversial? … I just try and keep some mystery, so hopefully people can’t really put their finger on it.”

On crying on cue: “I was a teenager in Hollywood with a divorced family — there’s gonna be pain there,” she says. “I’ve got plenty to draw from.”

On Bowie and Marilyn Manson: Halfway between Louis Jordan and Björk in the bar’s post-brunch playlist, “Oh! You Pretty Things” comes on. Don’t you know you’re driving your mamas and papas insane… . “I love this song,” she says. “I grew up in love with David Bowie.” (She has a tattoo on her upper thigh to prove it, a heart with an Aladdin Sane lightning bolt.) “So I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls … I’m into androgyny in general.” She says this helps explain the appeal of her ex Marilyn Manson.

“I think one of the things that freaked people out so much is that we looked so different.” True, that was part of it. But it was more than that. If Evan Rachel Wood represents America’s rebellious teenage daughter, Manson represents the forty-year-old goth in a band down the road she would date just to spite us. They broke off their engagement in August. The inevitable residual tattoos: Behind her right ear, the number “15,” a significant one for the two of them. Behind her left, something that looks like a heart combined with an infinity symbol. “You know, ‘Forever Love,’ ” she explains. “Whatever.”

On her bisexuality: “I’m up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl…”

This is the third such hint in the conversation, after that androgyny comment and saying she’d “marry” her Mildred Pierce costar Kate Winslet if she could.

You date women?

“Yes,” she says proudly, as if she was waiting to be asked.

Do you look for different things in men than in women?

“Yeah, I’m more kind of like the guy when it comes to girls. I’m the dominant one.” It’s with women, she says, that her inner North Carolina gentleman comes out: “I’m opening the doors, I’m buying dinner. Yeah, I’m romantic.”

I think it was somewhere between “You know, ‘forever love,’ whatever,” and the apparent constant hinting at her sexual interest in ladies that I decided that Evan Rachel Wood needs to shut her douchey mouth.  Are we in agreement?

Evan Rachel Wood Basically Does Porn Now

Evan Rachel Wood once seemed so promising, right? She’s beautiful, she gave a knockout performance in Thirteen, and seemed like a pretty smart and down-to-earth teen. Then she started on-again-off-again dating Marilyn Manson and doing a bunch of other generally freaky things in the public eye. It was like the girl we hoped she was vanished before our very eyes and turning into yet another totally odd and misguided 20-something actress.

Today I saw her in this new Gucci fragrance ad with actor Chris Evans, and while celebrity endorsement deals for major brands are semi-exclusive and a sign of success, all Evan does in the clip is make out with Chris and then gyrate all over him. Basically, a part that would have normally gone to some model desperate to make a name for herself was played by Evan.

I am so tired of seeing this girl act sexy and irreverent. One or two over-sexed roles certainly never hurt an attractive young actress, but homegirl needs to put on a turtleneck and play a student or something.

What do you think of the ad and Evan’s decision to stick to sexy roles? Is that all she’s good for these days?