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Ethan Hawke


“I have lots of friends in the business who’ve been practically assaulted by the paparazzi. It’s amazing how common that is. I grew up reading things about what a jerk Sean Penn must have been for punching out a photographer. Then, you’re out at a premiere with a date and you hear the things they say to provoke you. I mean...

Uma Thurman Dodged a Bullet

Ethan Hawke is not aging particularly well, IMHO. Plus, he makes a lot of funny faces for the camera. Let’s make sure he is never photographed with Samantha Ronson. The resultant face-scrunching could probably kill a horse. At the press conference for his new film, What Doesn’t Kill You, in NYC.

Happy (Blended) Family!

A rare photo of Ethan Hawke and his Uma-babies, Maya and Levon, and his soon-to-be baby mama, Ryan Shawhughes, who he’s said he plans to marry soon. And they’ve even got the family dog with them! Cuteness! Maya and Levon are already very familiar with Ryan: she was their nanny before she was porking Ethan.