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Elizabeth Olsen

Taylor Swift Doesn’t Want To Be Friends With Elizabeth Olsen

elizabeth olsen

Taylor Swift has plenty of celebrity friends, and she doesn’t seem all that difficult to impress – if you’re famous and in the age bracket of 18-34, sign right up! But that’s not exactly the case, it seems, because there’s one person who was unable to penetrate the inner circle, so to speak: Elizabeth Olsen.

I know what you’re thinking: Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Elizabeth Olsen? She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she comes off as really down-to-earth and low-key… and she certainly looks the part for fitting in with Swift’s friend group. Unfortunately, during their brief meeting, Elizabeth failed to make her mark, a story she shared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night.

“I really love her, and earlier in my ballet class, I was doing a dance sequence to her music,” Olsen, 26, said of Swift. “I only listen to her music when I’m working out, which is a little too often because of Avengers. And I just talked at her for like a long time. I think I blew it because we didn’t exchange phone numbers or anything.”

“She was asking me which song it was, and I couldn’t remember the song title, and I wasn’t going to sing it for her!” she exclaimed. “I’m still nervous thinking about it right now.”

Slightly awkward, even though I think Elizabeth was probably being tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing. But since this got so much attention, you KNOW now that Taylor is going to reach out to her and purposely try to befriend her to overcompensate. I can see it now!

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Elizabeth Olsen calls off her engagement to Boyd Holbrook

elizabeth olsen boyd holbrook

It’s been a long time since we’ve reported on Elizabeth Olsen – so long, in fact, that we didn’t even report when she got engaged to boyfriend Boyd Holbrook. How we missed out on that, I don’t know – Boyd is an amazing name. Anyhow, that ship has sailed, apparently, and the couple have called off their engagement. Uh oh!

Over and out. Elizabeth Olsen and her fiancé Boyd Holbrook have split after three years together, a source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

Their broken engagement news comes after Olsen was photographed this past weekend at a farmer’s market in Studio City, Calif., without her engagement ring.

Well, that’s that. Elizabeth is super young, though (and objectively the best Olsen), so she’ll have no problem finding another gent whose name is hopefully something more normal… and not Boyd. :(

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Elizabeth Olsen Loves Teamwork, Hates Actors’ Bullshit

elizabeth olsen

Elizabeth Olsen has picked up steam in the film world in the past few years, and for good reason. Ever since Martha Marcy May Marlene, she’s been booking some great roles and is earning a great reputation in Hollywood. Turns out, that’s largely because she’s a team player and really likes group work – and hates actors who don’t feel the same way.

From Dazed and Confused:

“I’m obsessed with teams. When I was in sixth grade, I realized that mine and my siblings’ initials spelled the word ‘TEAM’. T-rent, E-lizabeth, A-shley, and M-ary-Kate. So I bought us all little trinkets that said ‘TEAM’ so we could always remember that.”

LOL, that’s sorta cute. And about working on films…

“All these weird people that probably shouldn’t ever be in a room together, who have to work together and get one thing done. It’s the best,” she said.

“Sometimes I can’t stand the bullshit of actors. You know, when they’re more interested in ‘getting in the zone’ than they are about showing up and doing their job and remembering that film is a group activity. When you’re an actor, it’s not about you. It’s about a team.”

Hmm, I don’t know if I agree with it. Sure, it’s about the team insofar as the chemistry has to be on and people have to, you know, not be dicks. Still, you have to sort of embody your role and really dig deep into it, which I think is a very different experience for everyone and often a solitary one. I get what she means generally, though. Actors are major bullshitters. They’re in the business of professional bullshitting, in fact.

Elizabeth Olsen is still the best Olsen, right? We all agree there?

Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

emily vancamp

Celebrities walk around and get their photos taken, so let’s criticize their outfits. Here are some of my picks for best and worst celebrity looks of the week. Above is Emily VanCamp (Revenge) who’s got this face on like she’s she’s realizing she made some sort of huge mistake. Maybe she realized she’s on Revenge. What happened to that show? The second season…godawful. I like her outfit though. It reminds me of ~~Kiki Dunst back in 2006-2008~~. Not totally into the handbag.

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Elizabeth Olsen is the Hottest Olsen

photo of elizabeth olsen pictures photos
Move over, Ashley and Mary-Kate: you’ve been owned by your own sister. This is Elizabeth Olsen’s Marie Claire debut, and other than sort of looking like Eva Longoria in one photo (not good, guys, seriously), Elizabeth Olsen is definitely the best Olsen of them all. I mean, yeah, she didn’t star in Full House, and she isn’t a revered fashion designer worth bajillions of dollars, but she’s cute, she’s demure, and above all, she can apparently act. Her appeal is through the roof.

See what not being a Heath Ledger-killing, big-glasses-wearing, *granny-panty-rocking weirdo does for you?

*I’m totally kidding about the granny panties. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE.

The Littlest Olsen Makes Good

Photo: Elizabeth Olsen attends the London premiere of Martha Marcy May Marlene on October 21

I used to joke about the “third Olsen sister,” some terrible gnome that the twins keep locked away in a basement (see also: Kristen Wiig as Judice). Joke’s on me; turns out there is an Olsen sibling. Or maybe I did know that, but the knowledge somehow got lost in my brain’s muddle. Oh, well.

Anyway. Meet 22-year-old Elizabeth Olsen. You’re gonna hear a lot more about this kid in coming months, I swear. She’s currently getting ridiculously rave reviews for her eponymous role in Martha Marcy May Marlene—and I’m talking Kirsten-Dunst-in-Melancholia reviews, here.

Peter Travers:

Right now you probably know Elizabeth Olsen as the younger sister of the tycoon Olsen twins. After you see Martha Marcy May Marlene, you’ll know her as an actress of uncommon subtlety and feeling. It’s a sensational performance….

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