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Melrose Place Star Goes To Jail For Fatal Crash

Amy Locane-Bovenizer

Amy Locane-Bovenizer, who played Sandy Harling on Melrose Place and Allison in Cry Baby, was sentenced to 3 years for killing a 60 year-old woman in a car crash. Ms. Locane-Bovenizer was drinking and driving, with a BAC of almost 3 times the legal limit. The judge granted her a lenient sentence because of her two children who require medical assistance. Her husband, however, didnt think it was lenient enough, as it’s claimed he shouted, “What a travesty!” immediately after the sentencing. EDIT: IT WAS NOT HER HUSBAND, BUT THE VICTIM’S HUSBAND WHO YELLED THIS. APOLOGIES FOR THE MISTAKE.

I can’t even imagine how horrible everyone feels in this situation, from the family of the victim, to Locane0-Bovenizer and her family. There have been quite a few actresses who seem to have trouble driving and I wonder had they killed someone if they would have gone to jail and actually stayed there for more than a few hours. Not that I wanted them to kill anyone! I’m just wondering what will it take for jail to stick. What sad horrible thing has to happen? And when these things do happen, the inevitable discussion is, “Is the law too easy on Hollywood celebrities?”

What do you think? Was her sentence too light? Do you think others get way with too much?


Via CBS News.

Chris Klein Goes to “Band Camp”

photo of actor chris klein making a "kissy" face

And by “band camp,” I mean “rehab,” naturally.

After recent events involving Klein and his (second) DUI, reps for the actor state that he is, indeed, headed to rehab to control his monsters:

“After recent events, Chris was forced to take a clear look at a problem he has been trying to deal with himself for years. He understands now that he can not beat this disease alone. He thanks everyone for their support as he takes all the necessary steps to deal with his addiction and asks for privacy while doing so.”

Well, good for you, Chris. I admire your rep’s honesty that an issue needs to be addressed, and you’re taking the bull by the horns in order to do so. A lot of flighty celebrities do their thing out in public (sometimes at the cost of others), and taking the wheel after you’ve been drinking just isn’t cool. I’m glad to see that you’re seeking the help that you clearly need.

Gosh, I Can’t Imagine Why Chris Klein Would Drink!

Chris Klein Arrested For Second DUi

Very successful film actor and burgeoning theater nerd Chris Klein was arrested in L.A. this morning on the 101 freeway for driving under the influence. Chris blew a .20 on his breathalyzer test and the legal limit in California is less than half of that, .08. This is the second DUI for Chris in the past six years, and while that’s not exactly Lohan-status, it doesn’t look good either.

Chris wasn’t just putting himself and every other person on the freeway in danger, either. The cops found Chris’ dogs in the car with him, and unlike their owner, they’ve already been released. Chris’ $25,000 bail still hasn’t been posted at the time this was published.

So what’s Chris’ deal? I’ve heard for years that he’s been a different person since his split with Katie Holmes and that whole Mamma Mia thing was certainly odd… I’m thinking this is all leading up to some big reveal.