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Break-Up Alert: 19-year-old Courtney Stodden and 53-Year-Old Husband Doug Hutchison Are OVER!

Yeah, because no one saw this one coming. When Courtney Stodden became a child bride at 16 to then 50-year-old freakazoid (and Tooms on X Files actor) Doug Hutchison, I don’t think anyone in their right mind believed it would last. Why would it? She was a brainwashed child desperate for fame that he no doubt promised her he could provide… which he did, just for all the wrong reasons. He was a bit of a pervert with a predilection for seducing underage girls on the Internet (that’s where they met, guys) who really must’ve thought he hit the jackpot with Courtney. What could go wrong?

Well, Courtney is 19 now and this past summer, she decided to take part in a show called Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK. It was her first extended period of time away from Doug, and the producers of the series very smartly sort of kept him out of the whole process as Courtney was given a lot of the spotlight to herself, without him. She really blossomed on that show and gained a lot of invaluable independence. By the time she came out at the end of the show, her reunion with Doug was lukewarm at best. She SAID she was happy to see him, but you could totally see the cogs turning then and there: she wanted out.

From The Daily Mail:

The controversial couple are going their separate ways after a controversial two-and-a-half year marriage, sources have told MailOnline.

On Thursday night Courtney, 19, threw a Halloween party at their rented Hollywood Hills home – but Doug was not there.It is understood Courtney decided to end the marriage and Doug, 53, is said to be heartbroken.

The split comes just two months after she made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Sources tell MailOnline the reality show was the beginning of the end for the couple.

Well, thank fuck for this. I seriously hope as part of this split, homegirl gets some counseling to process the shit she’s been through over the past few years. Not only was she seduced by an old man online, she married him, changed her physical appearance for him and also has a mother who was TOTALLY INTO ALL OF IT and saw no problem with her 16-year-old daughter marrying some middle aged washed up actor who swore he could get her fame. SMH SMH.

That’s not to say that Courtney has been a pushover or that none of what she’s done over the years was her own personal choice, because I do think she’s quite intelligent and headstrong, but lord almighty, this was one giant mess. Get outta there, girl!

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Courtney Stodden And Her Boobs Spent A Lovely Night Out In Beverly Hills

courtney stodden beverly hills breast implants

Courtney Stodden and her new boob shelf spent a lovely evening out in Beverly Hills last night. Of course her guardian husband, Some Dude From Lost, was faithfully and giddily by her side. Mr. Dude From Lost also made sure to flip off a paparazzo that you know they hired to be there.

Why do I write about Courtney Stodden, Modern Day Grace Kelly, so much? Why do I love her? I love her and write about her because she’s simple. She tries, really hard, without resorting to calling people ugly. She does her own weird Courtney Stodden thing, and doesn’t pretend she’s anything more than her image, unlike a certain Kardashian. I am fascinated by her.

So, please. Enjoy these photos. Be in the arms of this angel. May you find some comfort here.

Courtney Stodden Does NOT Want to Do Porn

courtney stodden twitterCourtney Stodden, child bride, rejected an offer from the porn site Twistys (no apostrophe). For those not familiar with Ms. Stodden, I’m not sure how to descibre her other than an 18-going-on-28 year-old who married some dude, Doug Hutchison, from Lost when she was 16 and he was 51. (From this point on I will only be referring to Doug Hutchison as Some Dude From Lost.) Since then she’s been doing her darndest to get our attention somehow, but it’s super tricky, because she’s not really good at anything. She’s like a less talented Kim Kardashian, which says so very much, doesn’t it?

Stodden’s latest attempt at doing something, anything, is music. Yes, that word is used very loosely. She shot a video for her song Reality. Twistys offered to give the video an “erotic” makeover. That means pornographic, as Twistys’ slogan is, “The Most Beautiful Babes in Porn for Over 10 Years!” And now I have that in my browsing history.

Said her manager/mom (yes, mom) to E! News,

Although Courtney is flattered by Twisty’s offer to reshoot her music video for Reality, we have decided to pass.

Some Dude From Lost had no comment.

Before you say anything, let us have a moment of silence for Lindsay‘s Playboy cover.

Carrying the Stodden tourch that Emily and Sarah held so gallantly held high is going to be tough but it is my honor and privilege and I’m going to do my best.