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Donald Faison

Season’s Greetings from Zach Braff and Donald Faison

Former Scrubs costars (and total brosephs) Zach Braff and Donald Faison uploaded this stirring rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” to their brand-new joint YouTube account yesterday. I think I knew Faison had some pipes, but Braff holds his own, sorta. And nope, the irony is not lost on me: L.A. isn’t chilly in the slightest. Not this week, anyway.

This is only the first video posted to the “zachndonald” YouTube account, and I am delighted. Aren’t these lads darling? Ugh, they’re so charming together; what a pair. Here’s to many more homoerotic jazz standards!

Dane Cook’s Manager Not a Stand-Up Guy


I’m truly not trying to shake your faith in mankind but there does seem to be a theft and betrayal theme to the celebrity news stories tonight.

Darryl McCauley, manager to comedian Dane Cook, was arrested today on larceny and forgery charges.  In one incident, McCauley allegedly transferred $3 million from Cook’s account into his own.  It goes to show you how stupid criminals can be.  Did he really think Dane wouldn’t notice $3 million missing? 

Stealing from your boss is bad enough but here’s the real Happy Holidays for you:  Did I mention that McCauley is Dane Cook’s brother?  Yes, the fuck over came from his very own flesh and blood.

Yup, Guys, Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison are Still Together

People’s interest in this topic never fails to intrigue me. But, yeah, they’re still dating. They were spotted at Hyde recently, where this picture was taken. I hate to be a bitch (I don’t know why I even bother prefacing statements that way, because it’s so not true), but Cacee’s looking a little big in the hips. I mean, it’s totally fine if you want to just let your hips get big, or allow your inner thighs to become, like, chemically bonded to one another, but do you really have to go to Hyde during the aftermath? It’s like showing up at the Ivy in full Nazi garb. We are going to write mean things about you.

[via BarbieMartini]