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Dominique Arganese

Oh Hells Yes! Pics of Mini Me and His New Squeeze!!!

So I wrote about how Verne Troyer was not only seeing a new chick — but she was cheating on him with another little person — and then I tried to befriend her on Facebook because I just KNEW there would be good photos of her and Verne. However, one of you amazing wonderful commenters pointed out that my dear friend and fellow blogger Jesus over at DrunkenStepfather had already done the dirty work for me. Thanks, Jesus!

Here’s a bunch of pics of Verne and his newest fling, 22-year-old Canadian model Dominique Arganese.

What a FANTASTIC way to top off a Friday!

There Are No Words

MINI-Me can’t help being played the fool by women. Verne Troyer was first dissed by his ex, Ranae Shrider, when she sold a sex tape of the two and made fun of his puny endowment and subpar prowess. Now, the little lothario is being cuckolded again. Troyer had been romancing sizzling-hot Canadian model Dominique Arganese – but we’ve seen photos of her cheating on him with another little person, “Jackass” star Wee Man. But at least her predilection for petite people has landed her a job. Arganese will be starring in Jeff Beacher’s new show, “Beacher’s Burlesque,” opening on Halloween in a yet-to-be-determined casino in Las Vegas. “She’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, and as soon as I heard she was sleeping with every midget in town, I knew she was perfect for my show,” Beacher told Page Six.

I’m having trouble finding good photos of Dominique. I’m currently attempting to befriend her on Facebook. Hopefully hilarity will ensue.


Thanks Jordana!