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5DJ AM Seeks $20M from Learjet


And I don’t blame him one bit!

In his lawsuit against Learjet and others, DJ AM, real name Adam Goldstein, 35, is seeking a minimum $10 million for medical damages, lost earnings and profits, plus the same amount for mental and physical pain and suffering, for a total of at least $20 million, according to court papers filed Friday.

The defendants have denied any responsibility for the crash, the official cause of which is still under investigation …

Barker, DJ AM, Still’s mother and Baker’s widow have filed wrongful death lawsuits against various corporations they allege were responsible. Baker’s widow and DJ AM are also suing the estates of the two pilots.

DJ AM has spoken publicly about the lawsuit against the pilots, saying: “I would NEVER sue the deceased pilots’ estates or personal holdings. I am more than grateful that I survived this horrible accident and I’d never try to take anything from those that didn’t. Despite the misinterpretations of the lawsuit, this suit is against the insurance companies that insured the pilots. I’m not after Sarah’s or James’ personal estates nor their property. Everyone involved in this suit has suffered a great deal, and I would not do anything to make matters worse for the deceased family and friends.

He has yet to issue a statement about the Learjet lawsuit, and I doubt he will, as it’s not likely to cause the same sort of controversy as the lawsuit against the pilots’ estates.

March 16, 2009 at 8:21 pm by Evil Beet
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8Well You Guys Kept Saying That Things Happen In Threes


When I posted two days ago about DJ AM cheating death again, you know-the story TMZ posted today as “breaking news”, a few commenters got on this whole “things happen in threes,” deal.  And you were right.

He cheated death once, last September.  The second close call was just a few weeks ago.  And I really consider his ex, Mandy Moore, marrying Ryan Adams yesterday as dodging a serious bullet.

So there you go!  He’s had his three brushes with death and now can go on to live a happy and healthy life.  Rejoice!

March 11, 2009 at 9:08 am by Wendie
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16DJ AM Needs To Deplane Immediately


DJ AM may be the luckiest man alive.  He and Travis Barker were the only two survivors of last year’s plane crash which killed the other four people on board.  And now, it appears he has cheated death again.

Poor Adam was booked on Continental Flight 3407 on February 13th.  That’s the plane that crashed in Buffalo and had no survivors.  Apparently, Adam had a bad feeling about flying and opted to drive at the last minute-a decision that saved his life.  Why does aviation basically hate Adam Goldstein?

I have always said that plane crash survivors are really the luckiest people.  Lucky for the obvious reason-they get to live.  But also because, statistically speaking, what are the chances of them ever being in another plane crash?  I’d like to think the odds would be drastically reduced.

Since the crash in February, AM has cancelled all scheduled gigs that would require him getting on a plane.

March 9, 2009 at 5:29 am by Wendie
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7Bonded for Life!

Travis Barker and DJ AM Pictures Photos

Plane crash survivors DJ AM and Travis Barker say goodbye after having a late lunch at Toasted in LA yesterday.

These two much share such a close bond now. Can you imagine being the two only survivors of a plane crash? You’d be bonded with that other person forever. I’m glad that they have each other for support throughout this. They both seem like really good guys.

February 26, 2009 at 2:03 pm by Evil Beet
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29DJ AM and Mandy Moore Break Up…Again


Of course they broke up again.  Travis Barker and Shana Moakler need to take note.  Because even if you skid off a runway and have critical burns and almost die, it doesn’t make you any more compatible with an ex.  I don’t know why people think near death experiences are a sign from God to go recommit the same mistakes.  Like He sits up there saying “I’m giving you this second chance at life so you can fail, yet again, at the same relationship.”

I am happy to report that DJ AM is now dating some American Apparel model chick which hopefully will thwart any future reconciliation attempts with that other one.

Yes, this is Mandy Moore from seven years ago, but I can’t pass by an opportunity when I see the two most irritating women in Hollywood in the same picture.  I’m not that strong.

December 31, 2008 at 2:36 pm by Wendie

13Back On?

We’ve heard lots of rumors recently that DJ AM and Mandy Moore have reignited their romance, and the two were spotted together this weekend, when Mandy Moore hosted at PURE and AM was the DJ. I wonder if he flew there … either way, it’s good to see he’s back on his game.

Mandy, on the other hand, still just annoys me. And I still don’t know why. Doesn’t she just look annoying? Like the kind of girl who mentions to the teacher that the clock’s running ten minutes fast, and it’s not time to let us out yet. And you just wanna smack her. I also hate her outfit and her shoes here.

Also there: Jeremy Jackson, who … uh … has seen better days.

November 16, 2008 at 11:14 pm by Evil Beet
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