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Meet Your Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Winners!


Dancing with the Stars had its big finale last night, and guess who won? The last three couples were Karina Smirnoff with High School Musical‘s Corbin Bleu


Cheryl Burke with Jack Osbourne


…and Derek Hough with Glee alum Amber Riley.


Emma Slater with comedian Bill Engvall was voted off in the semi-finals the night before.


And the winning couple is…

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Derek Hough Talks About Sister Julianne’s Blackface Halloween Costume


Julianne Hough had good intentions when she dressed up as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black, but I guess she thought blackface was the new norm because she wore it as part of her costume. It’s created some controversy, even here on Evil Beet. Her brother, Derek Hough, Dancing with the Stars superstar, is honest (mostly?) about her Halloween blunder. He spoke with E! News, via Daily News and said,

She is just beyond beside herself. She’s so apologetic. She’s so so sorry. Obviously, it wasn’t her brightest moment in her life, but hopefully we can move on.

Really, Derek? It was “obvious”? Then why the hell didn’t you let her know? Because here you are hanging out with her and her friends:

Weird that you were totally okay with the costume then. At least it seems like you’re totally okay with it, since you’ve no problem going out and being photographed with her.

Ms. Hough has since apologized on twitter to mixed responses.

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Meet Your 2013 Cast Of Dancing With The Stars!

season 17 dancing with the stars

BILL NYE. BILL FREAKING NYE. Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is one of twelve contestants competing in season 17 of Dancing with the Stars. Fantastic!! Here are the rest of your dancing heroes.

Snooki. Yes, it’s happened.
Leah Remini rumors were true, though she was not on Good Morning America this morning with the rest of the cast. I hope she’s safe.
Valerie Harper, which was already confirmed.
Glee alum Amber Riley. (She will be paired with Derek Hough. If you watch the show, you know this is a very surprising partner for her to get.)
Elizabeth Berkley.
Jack Osbourne.
– NFL player Keyshawn Johnson (no idea, sports are so painfully not my thing.)
– Corbin Bleu (from High School Musical, isn’t that practically cheating?)
– Brant Daugherty, actor. No effing idea. Apparently he’s known for Pretty Little Liars.
– Bill Engvall, comedian. No idea.
Christina Milian.

Are you going to watch?


Wait, I just realized who Keyshawn Johnson is. He’s the dude who keeps driving Justin Bieber‘s cars and effing them up. Brilliant.

OK, So Is He Gay, Or Is He Not Gay?

photo of ryan seacrest way too tan pictures

I’m just so torn and confused. Ryan Seacrest, who’s actually grown on me over the years, was photographed earlier in the week, sauntering wait, no, straight guys don’t saunter walking along the beach with Dancing With the Stars Julianne Hough. The two look cozy, and Seacrest doesn’t look all that pleased to be photographed, which is surprising, considering who he is and what he does for a living.

This isn’t the first time the two have been linked — they were said to have attended a “cozy” dinner a few months back where the two shared “intimate kisses.”

Well, either way, sweet. I love Ryan. And if he’s happy, then I’m happy. And if he’s dating Julianne Hough, great, and if he’s using her as a decoy in order to get into her brother Derek’s much-tighter pants, so be that, too.

The ‘Stars’ Have Already Started Dancing

Nicole Scherzinger and her partner (last year’s winner) Derek Hough are already hard at work on their routines for Dancing with the Stars. I’m not sure that the two were able to get much real work in with photographers looking on, but I think these two will be just fine without a ton of practice. In fact, wouldn’t you say it’s almost unfair that Nicole and Derek are allowed to be partners? Nicole obviously has dance background from her days with the Pussycat Dolls and Derek took his partner to the top last season. Are we looking at this season’s winners, you think?